Justin Bieber Tickets: Ooh Baby, Will This Sell Homes in Vegas?

Most Justin Bieber fans own bicycles, maybe a Barbie mansion. But their parents likely own a home, or are building one.

With that in mind, the nation's largest builder is attempting to lure buyers and generate traffic to its new homes in the Las Vegas area with a promotion based around teen idol Justin Bieber and some sold-out concert tickets.

Is this some kind of a desperate joke?

Well, yes and no. The "deal" is for buyers with kids, presumably kids who also happen to have Bieber Fever. Based on the epic Twitter and YouTube success of Bieber, that's a promising number. The promotion applies to visitors to any KB Home in the Las Vegas area.

Those who enter before July 5 have a chance to win four tickets and a sound-check pass to Bieber's soldout July 24 concert at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Overzealous fans beware: The offer states only one entry per household, per community.

But if KB Home imagines its vacant properties being swarmed by Bieber fans, the company is probably in for a rude awakening. Home sales in Las Vegas were down 11.4 percent in May 2010, compared to May 2009; and no level of pre-teen Biebermania is likely to reverse that slide.

But KB Home can dream. "Obviously Bieber is huge with families with kids and that is who our buyers are -- first-time buyers and families," said Craig LeMessurier, a KB Home spokesman. "We're anticipating that this promotion will draw traffic to KB Home. Las Vegas is already really excited about the concert, so we imagine it will be a success for us."

But for as many Bieber fans feeling the fever, there are folk (namely anyone over 16) quick to plug their ears at that "Baby, baby, baby ooh" and "Like, baby, baby, baby nooo" chorus. LeMessurier dismisses them, though: "My son is seven and he is fan. Justin Bieber makes him really happy and I enjoy when my son is happy. If my son is happy, I'm happy."

With all that positivity does this mean a turnaround for the Las Vegas market?

"Right now we're focused on this Bieber Fever and putting our time into the market there." says LeMessurier.

The real question may be: Which costs more, four tickets to a Justin Bieber concert or a depressed home in Las Vegas? (Just kidding.)

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