Linda Evans Selling in Beverly Hills

Linda Evans, once a major TV icon in the 1980s primetime soap opera Dynasty, has listed her Beverly Hills, Calif., home for $3,295,000. The former actress, who played Krystle Carrington and was once married to photographer John Derek, started dating New Age musical noodler Yanni in 1989. In the early 1990s, Evans fled Hollywood for Tacoma, Wash., to be closer to her controversial spiritual guru, J.Z. Knight, and where she started a chain of fitness centers. But she always held on to her L.A. digs -- that is until now. She bought the 3,904-square-foot, 4-bedroom, 5.5-bath house in 1981 for $590,000. With its walled, hedged and gated grounds and its over-the-top French country style, the house would be an excellent hideway for an over-the-top star, of either today or yesterday.

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Dear Linda: Your fans still love you. A lot. It's hard to make a character who is both lovely, elegant, and a nice person believable on late-20th-century / early 21-century TV, with all it's tawdriness and
disappation....but you held your head high and made being a "nice lady"
a thing to try to emulate. I don't think anyone can acOt that kind of a character without REALLY being least, not act it as convincingly as you did. We -- who want to be "nice ladies" -- will be
your fans forever. (When the headline said: Linda Evans Selling, I thought it may have meant that you were selling behind the counter at Target! Thank goodness THAT isn't true!) Idea: start your own production company, and make "nice girl" movies! Other producers will be SHOCKED at how much such "G" rated movies are wanted now! XXXXXXOOOOO : )

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I loved the 'warmth' of this house, it was designed to fit Linda's personnality exactly! Those commenting on here obviously don't know much about living in Beverly Hills and what the land alone, goes for. The comment from Moreno Valley is a scream! Yeah, like you can 'even' compare the two. I wish her well and hope she gets a decent price for it. Ignorance is blissed...

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the kitchen is so tacky!

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It must be the location cause this house is ugly and small. I'd bulldoze it and put up something that 'looked' like $3 mill!

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Leopard Lady

This is known as 'Country French' and may not appeal to most people, but there may be a buyer out there. If she can turn 500K into 5M than she is more than an actress but a magician. The real answer is if there are any bites at this price! We are in a recession/depression and the housing market in most places is in a slump. For that kind of money, most people will build. Location is important but not everything. Its the entire package.

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Nice house and she is one of my favorite actresses, still I think she is asking too much for the small place. I think the house suited her needs at one time and now it doesn't, so why not sell but lower the price.

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I love the house just the way it is. Why do what is called an upgrade. Windsor castle has been the same for hundreds of years and it is still copied.

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sarah judson

Over priced maybe but some paint and tlc would make this place POP. It is really a cute place. I guess some of us poor folks would appreciate a wonderful home like this and would not mind putting some elbow grease and tlc into this wonderful house. Good luck to the new owner I am already jealous. Wish I could afford the house.

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what a dump. tear it down and start over. the CARRINGTON mansion has seen better days.

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At least her house is paid for. You can't knock her for trying to sell it for that price. I honestly wish HGTV did a show on the person who purchases that house to find out why and then to see it in like 4 months later.

I'm just glad that she did her money right and she is not desperate or begging, or advertising something stupid for money. So to me, she is a winner. Dynasty has been off the air for a long time and it appears that her fitness center is doing good. With that being said, that looks like a plain average American home from the 1980's, not what I would expect from a celebrity but then again doesn't Warren Buffet live in the same home that he had from the 1950's or 1960's?
I live outside Nashville, TN and you can have a luxurious custom built home in an exclusive neighborhood or country club, detailed landscaping and pool with a guest home cheaper than that. The bathroom is nice, and the crown molding in the bedroom and that's about it. Well you can't knock her for getting her hustle on.

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The home does not seem exceptionalin any way, and the kitchen is a big flaw. All designers will tell you that blue is not a kitchen color especially that one. Blue is not considered appetizing. I also do not understand the wooden ceiling in the one bedroom.

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