Candy Spelling Headed for The Carlyle on Wilshire!

On July 1, Candy Spelling will become the newest temporary resident of The Carlyle Residences on Wilshire, AOL Real Estate has learned. Spelling, who is expected to close on the sale of her 123-room home known as The Manor -- a.k.a. America's most expensive listing -- was widely expected to move into a two-story penthouse atop a Century City residential building, which has not been completed.

Apparently the 16,000-square-foot unit that she paid $47 million for in 2008 has not been completed -- and she instead is moving to the crescent-shaped luxury building known as The Carlyle.

Other Carlyle residents include Larry King, Bruce Willis and Paul Anka. Maria Shriver looked at units there when she initially separated from former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Spelling, who visited The Carlyle at least five times before inking her deal late Thursday, will be occupying a unit that is about 5,600 square feet -- one-tenth the space of The Manor's 56,500 square feet.

The Carlyle is a high-security building along the famed Wilshire Corridor. Its unique crescent shape has already made it a much-photographed landmark in Los Angeles. Each of the 78 units is accessible only by private elevator and the building is staffed with a 24-hour concierge, doorman and valet. The 24-story building -- the last permitted high-rise along the so-called "Golden Mile" -- has a private wine cellar.

The building, developed by Elad Properties, which also developed New York's Plaza Hotel, is 70 percent sold. And you can expect that Spelling's presence in the building will further ratchet up the building's already-high cache. Coldwell Banker uber-agent Valerie Fitzgerald is the director of sales and marketing.

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Maybe I'm just simple and stupid, but give me a nice spread out in the country, where the closest neighbor, is at least 1/4 mile away. With plenty of room to have large dog run kennels, a training center, and also a pet day care and hotel for overnights , weekends, or a more extended stay , for our canine guests., while their humans are away having fun of their own, or out of town on business...
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Just a nice little two bedroom place on a big parcel of land, with a big warm and cozy kitchen, plumbing in good repair, heat, air, area for a garden, Oh yeah, nice bathroom with a huge oval bathtub with a jacuzzi.
den to work, and a mud porch, for dirty shoes , and dirty dogs to be cleaned up, before coming in.
I'm a native Californian, and want to get the hell outta So.Cal, and either move up to the 'Emerald Triangle" in Northern California...(best cannabis btw) and really chill people for neighbors too, just have to watch the Mexican Drug Cartels up there who literally "babysit" their crops . pitch tents, use the ground for a toilet, have an entire arsenal of weapons, irrigation, etc...they are VERY protective of their crops and they are very dangerous...they need a bullet to the head, or a BIG "I.C.E".. sweep. Or, perhaps consider some out of the way place to live cheaper, like Costa Rica...I've heard VERY good things about returing down there, dirt cheap compared to the US, and friendly to Americans.. Just something to think about. I have a cousin who lives on the beach in San Felipe, Mexico, and loves it! And says it's financially' "do-able" as a retiree.
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I'm 'heading out soon and counting the days.! Yee Haw!

June 24 2011 at 5:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I always believed the Spelling Mansion was way too big for just one family. Extremely overboard. But, that is the home they chose to build and you all are right, her husband worked very hard for his money. They can spend it any way they want. I know if it was me, I would buy all my friends and loved ones a home, make sure they were all taken care of and donate to many different charites that I support. Although I was raised very humbly and taught to look out for the loved ones in your life, I was also raised not to judge. I really try not to but I do hope many charities will also benefit from the sale of her old home.

June 24 2011 at 1:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I don't envy anyone with money. If I had a house like the one she sold I would have kept it. $47 million is an awful lot to pay to live in a high rise with not even a back yard. Wouldn't want that especially with pets.

June 24 2011 at 12:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What does it look like inside??

June 24 2011 at 11:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Her husband worked hard for everything they had, and he spoiled his wife generously, even after his death. I can only wonder what it is like to be loved like that. Best Wishes to Candy Spelling as she moves from the home her husband built for her, to a smaller place he still provided for her.

June 24 2011 at 11:29 AM Report abuse +8 rate up rate down Reply

No matter what palace she lives in she can not change the fact she is a lonely mean spirited old woman who treats her daughter badly:)

June 24 2011 at 11:15 AM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply