Unfathomable Swimming Pools: Swim Like the Rich and Famous

Nothing like a week-long scorcher to make home buyers appreciate the value of a good swimming pool. But wade into the luxury real estate market and you'll find swimming pools with bigger price tags than most houses. Take, for instance, the pool featured above, which appeared in everyone's favorite Southern-fried vampire drama, "True Blood." For a glimpse at how the other half swims, our friends at Move.com compiled a list of some of the most over-the-top pools in America. Dive into the gallery below.

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My Six Percent

My subdivision's community pool is really nice. We even have a sprinkler park for the kiddos....lol...

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Bloomberg earned his money.

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Your facts are a bit askew. mc What jobs are you seeing coming from the idle rich? I am all for the wealthy to get what they have earned. Just don't see why they get a free ride when it comes to taxes. I pay the max amt. No refund here. I'd also like to know why we still give foreign aid to Pakistan, Afganistan, almost all of South America and many other countries when we are drowning in debt? Does not compute. Many hard working American citizens paid into Social Security all there lives. Why do we start there when it comes to budget cuts?
I'd really like to know why illegals get social security when they never paid into it. You sound like Fox news has you in their pocket. There is no common sense for what is going on

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If I were that rich I wouldn't nind paying more in taxes. Be glad that you are living in a country and make a movie where you can get paid over 10 million dollars and the movie sucks. Pay more and shut the hell up. Try living on $15,000.00 a year. GREED SEE you in HELL>

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Why do some people want the rich to pay more taxes? Do they think the goverment will pass that extra money down to them? Are they jealous because rich people have more stuff? Do they think it will get the country out of debt if the rich pay more? I make about 30,000 a year. Some people, like my kids, think that I make a lot of money. I would love to pay no taxes. Don't see that ever happening.

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bulldotz, Jesus was a jew, do u hate him?

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What happened to my post?

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I love capitolisum.I do not envey what they have..They worked for it.I just love looking at beautiful things.

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How can you assume the owners of these properties pay no income taxes, . . . or less taxes that you pay? You have no proof. All you can do is assert. I don't buy your assertions. In America, there is no wealth tax unless they pass it along to another family member; which gets taxed as normal income. That is why Roy Rodgers, Jr. had to liquidate his parents assets, . . to pay taxes. Then he moved to Branson, MO with what he had left, i.e., nothing. If the wealth of whomever you call rich were to be confiscated, it wouldn't even be 1 trillion dollars. Actually, it wouldn't be much above 1 billion dollars. National debt is $13,000,000,000,000 (13 Trillion dollars) divided by (let's say) $2,000,000,000,000 (2 billion dollars) wouldn't even be 1/10 of 1%. That should solve the problems of of the US. The fact of the matter is that the bottom 45% of the population pays no income taxes. As for corporations (of individuals for that matter) whom you think pay no taxes, they are only using a tax code authorized deduction against their incomes. What kind of deductions are those?, . . . municipal bonds, building factories, hiring more workers, etc. So let's take those away. Then watch the exodus of the jobs to business friendly countries (I admit that gets smaller every day) while we accept the illegal immigration of the unskilled workers and farmers from oppressed countries. And, if Mexico elects a communist president in 2012 (a very real possibility) the illegal immigration we see now will pale in comparison. Who will employ them? Nobody, because the communist regime in America will have eliminated those jobs too. Learn the facts buddies, or you'll be left alone with your other class envy, jobless communists who control this country too.

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Kathy Lynn

you are seriously misinformed....can not even begin to address your statement...too bad...

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