Homes for Less Than $100,000 (You'd Actually Want to Buy)

It's not surprising that you can find plenty of inexpensive homes on the market these days--nationwide, the median home value stands at just above $170,000, down from around $240,000 at its peak five years ago. Add to that the backlog of foreclosures clogging the housing pipeline, and you'd expect to see plenty of places selling for a song.

What is surprising, though, is how much house that song will get you. And we're not talking about down-at-heel homes in distressed neighborhoods, either. We're talking places you'd actually want to buy, even at a higher price--and we've got the granite countertops, stainless-steel appliances, and backyard "cocktail pools" to prove it.

Click through the gallery below to get a feel for what as little as a hundred grand buys you in cities around the country.

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