10 Great Cities for Young People

cherry blossomFor twenty-somethings, finding the right place to live can be a challenge. The best cities need to offer a combination of employment opportunities and social activities, of course, but they also need to be affordable. After all, the typical college graduate with up to three years of work experience makes $41,900, and that money must go a long way.

With these parameters in mind, we found ten great cities for young adults. These aren't the cheapest places to live but rather cities that offer solid value: low cost of living and reasonable rents relative to paycheck size. There are also plenty of things to do that appeal to the twenty-something crowd and a healthy concentration of twenty-somethings to do them with.

To assemble our list, we screened for cities with high starting salaries for college grads, using data from Payscale.com. We also looked for a cost-of-living score near or below 100, the national average, as well as affordable monthly rents. (The median U.S. rent, including utilities, is $817.) Finally, we searched for cities where the percentage of residents ages 20 to 29 is near or above the average of 13.8%.

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