Ozzy Osbourne Re-Lists Malibu Home, Again and Again

Who was it that said that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same action and expect a different outcome?

Back in March, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne -- the King and Queen of Heavy Metal whose music most recently helped rescue a lost autistic child -- listed their Malibu beach house for the umpteenth time, that time at $10 million, to be lowered three months later to $9.5 million. Somewhere along the line (we slept through exactly when) they either pulled it from the market or the last listing expired. The result was the same: It didn't sell at $9.5 million.

ozzy sharon osbourneSo now they've put it back in the active listings at $9,450,000.

Is my calculator broken or is that just a $50,000 price reduction on a $9.5 million listing? A measly 0.5 percent? A drop in the proverbial beach-sand bucket? Enough to cover a party at the Osbournes, back in the day?

The Osbournes have had this home on and off the market for eons. Sometimes they rent it out for the summer -- asking $40,000 a month -- or year-round. But if it's a serious sale they are chasing, they seem to be losing the race to dropping prices.

So now we have it, again: The same 4,500 square feet, same five bedrooms, same walled Italian garden entry, same gourmet kitchen and same proximity to the La Costa Beach Club.

Same listing agent too: Jonah Wilson of Sotheby's International Realty.

They bought the home in 2003, paying $5.1 million. Their principal residence in the suburban Los Angeles gated community of Hidden Hills is also listed for sale at $12.9 million.

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