House of the Day: A Hobbit Hole Fit for Frodo

If Frodo Baggins inhabited our world instead of Middle Earth, he'd probably run as fast as his hairy feet could carry him to make an offer on this subterranean home. Burrowed into a sandy knoll in Atlantic Beach, Fla., the "Dune House" has the trappings of the dwelling commonly populated by Frodo's kinsmen. Well, at least on its grass-covered exterior.

If the ring-bearer stepped into the two concrete shells that comprise the home's interior, for once he'd be possessed by something other than that accursed ring: awe. The entrance leads down a winding staircase into the kitchen, living and dining rooms -- some of which feature oval windows that stare out over beachfront into the Atlantic -- and the home's furniture is built into the interior, making it resemble a space capsule.

Designed by famed architect William Morgan in 1975, the beachfront dome -- more or a less a duplex -- delivers 1,500 square feet, including two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Tansy Moon of Prudential Network Realty has the listing.

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