Real Estate Agent Listed Among Most Overrated Careers

This may not come as a shock to many real estate agents, but their line of work was just named among the Top 12 overrated jobs by What makes that career and 11 others so overrated? A perception of having high salaries, power and prestige is offset by the reality of high stress, physical demands or uncertain employment and income.

In the case of Realtors, they've seen a decline in median income of nearly 35 percent in the past eight years, according to the National Association of Realtors. While some reports put a corresponding decline in their numbers at 300,000 nationwide, NAR spokesman Walter Molony told AOL Real Estate that their membership numbered 1,066,658 at the end of 2010, down 10.1 percent from 1,197,529 in 2008.

At least those remaining are in good company on that list, if you consider corporate executive, attorney, architect or physician as desirable professions.

See others that made the list of overrated professions at AOL Jobs.

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