House of the Day: Live Outside the Box -- in a Missile Silo

Now, we've seen our fair share of non-traditional urban dwellings (Mushroom House, anyone?) but this one may top them all.

At first glance, the "Silo Home" in Saranac, N.Y., looks like just another swanky mountain retreat -- a charming, luxury cabin boasting a log-sided exterior and soaring cathedral ceilings. But don't let that pretty face fool you. Beneath the 1,800-square-foot main lodge lies a 2,300-square-foot abandoned nuclear missile silo that's been converted into luxury living space.

Yes, that's right: What used to be a radiation-deflecting, Cold War-era launchpad could be your new home. A 125-foot stairwell leads from the main lodge down to two private suites encased in three-inch concrete and steel mesh. There's a state-of-the-art kitchen, spacious dining room, marble-lined bathrooms complete with Jacuzzis and an entertainment center (whose piece de resistance is a giant, funnel-shaped pillar that formerly housed the missile pad's control center). The price? A surprisingly modest $750,000, down from an initial $2.6 million.

Best of all? With its own private airport and unique underground cylindrical design, you can ensure that this home is 100 percent Rapture-ready. But you only have until Dec. 21, 2012, so place your bids now.

Sotheby's International Realty has the listing.

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