10 States Where You Can't Get a Mortgage

Good and bad credit count in getting a mortgage.The big problem still plaguing the improving housing market is tight lending. Requirements for scoring a mortgage are much stricter than they used to be, requiring higher credit scores for approval. So for residents of some states, you can basically kiss your chances of being offered a mortgage goodbye.

24/7 Wall St. used online mortgage application data to dig up the 10 states where people aren't getting mortgages. The primary reason why they aren't? The average credit scores in those states are the lowest in the country. It also happens that median home listing prices and average incomes in those states tend to be lower, too. But here's the interesting thing: It's not that the housing markets are particularly bad in these states -- it's just that darn credit score! Click through the gallery below to see the 10 states where people aren't getting mortgages.

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