Chris Bosh Finally Ready to Sell Magnificent California Mansion

TruliaThe outdoor area of Chris Bosh's Pacific Palisades home features a resort-style infinity pool with swim-up bar.

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NBA baller Chris Bosh is showing us the literal meaning of the term now that his Pacific Palisades home has hit the market for $14,500,000, as first reported by the Los Angeles Times. The NBA star, who currently dribbles for the Miami Heat, is away from this home so frequently that it's time to finally give it up. He'd hung on to it for a few years and had it for rent for $45,000 a month.

With a life in gorgeous Miami and a $12.333 million mansion on the water there, Chris and his wife no longer needed the to-die-for spread in that West Los Angeles neighborhood. Chris' for-sale place on the West Coast is a real palace in the Palisades. For a mere $14.5 million, you'll get a wonderful ocean-view gated estate on approximately an acre-and-a-half.

Secluded at the top of a knoll, the home has spectacular unobstructed views of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean and mountains. The outdoor area is punctuated with a resort-style infinity pool with swim up bar and lounge areas. A huge outdoor eating area features a full outdoor kitchen with pizza oven. There's even an outdoor shower and large flat grassy area, perfect for extravagant entertaining. Inside, you'll find a movie theatre, bar area with billiards, basically a total sports bar within the house.

The home is perfect for the CEO-type, with it's ultra-luxurious office/library. Last but not least, the home has a huge master suite with dual master baths with huge walk-in closets and large ocean view balcony with spa off the master.

For those who need a little extra help around the (giant) house, the home comes with fully-equipped staff quarters.


Shen Shultz of Sotheby's International Realty holds the listing.

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Love the fire pit and seating area surrounded by the pool. I'd probably never leave the back yard - I mean, it's got a kitchen and everything ;)

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Chris Bosh is a smart man, he always received academic honors in school. Surprised that he would own a home in Cali. when the taxes in Florida are better for a person as rich as he is.

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Bosh did this to save on taxes. His California State income tax rate is 12.5 %. He just signed with the Miami Heat for $118 Million. By relocating to Florida he no longer has to pay California State tax and will save $14.75 Million by moving to Miami.

Miamia has everything L.A. has, except the crazy income tax.

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