Charming $100,000 Homes for Sale Across the U.S.

100k philadelphia home
ZillowThis Philadelphia home's stunning original details include a pillared entrance, hardwood floors and decorative windows.

By Sharona Ott

Purchasing a home can be a big financial step. Whether you are a first-time buyer departing from the rental market or an individual entering the investment market, finding an affordable home is of great importance. Considering that the median home value in the United States is up 6.5 percent from last year and currently sits at $174,800, finding a quality home under that price may seem like an unattainable feat. Fear not, prospective homebuyers! We've rounded up homes in well-known cities across the United States that cost approximately $100,000.

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Try to pay the utility bills, to heat these behemoths.... and, pay the tax extortions, that your social security, joke, will be what's to sneer at.... You'll have to be a foreigner, subsidised by the Obama clan, to afford one.... .... When do we retire from the fraudulently imposed, Uniform Commercial Communistic Code, and, the extorted, govern mental embezzlements, of taxation; against everything we have earned, despite govern mental, meddling; where is, the representation....??? Edgrrr...

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I suggest that perhaps Russia would suit you better?

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1 reply to Fred's comment

Egor seems a little angry. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. It's really that simple.

December 07 2014 at 2:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down

A three-bedroom house is hardly a behemoth, unless one is accustomed to a travel trailer.

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I cant read the home info or see the seems since the AOL makeover this fall...browsing doesnt work right...ONGOING...and they got rid of local news on the homepage...think its time to leave AOL

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I agree, K. The "makeover" is not helpful at all! The "improved" Print Preview was worse than the previous one, and Local News seems to have disappeared completely. Who IS it at AOL that thinks these new "features" are helpful to long-time AOL users? Their tech-tinkering won't get them a whole crowd of new users/members and will, instead, make a lot of current AOL users drop the "service."

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I can't read the description of the houses, because ads are covering it. This is very frustrating, and I have noticed that this is happening every time I try to look at houses on the AOL news stories! There seems to be no way to remove the ads.

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That whole neighborhood in the North EAst section of Philadelphia if full of homes of that price----they are all old and probably falling apart and Philadelphia is one of the least safe places to live

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I'm looking for a for sale homes in Somerville, Massachusetts.

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Alan C. Louganis

I like to find a charming home in Southern California, Texas, or Florida for 100k? Any ideas? Email to

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Have a nice 2 bed 2 bath condo with attached 1 car garage in a 55 and over community furnished for $80,000

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please contact howard 914 698 6363 a new york city based construction company specializing in co op condo rental rejuvenations please call for an in apartment consultation

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I'm a realtor in Southern California. If you are looking for residential or commercial properties I'm your man. You can reach me at

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In My Opinion

Any magicians who could transfer these homes to Oregon/Washington?

Texas sucks.

I went there in Houston in the 1990's, it's outdated place to live.

Dallas looked too limited. Too bad, Fast-N-Loud, not interested in their location and beer. Their downfall will be caused by beer. Hopefully Misfit garage will not be based on beer then they can beat Richard rawling in the long run.

Nice meeting you, Richard Rawlings and that blond secretary of yours at the Gresham Burger King, not interested. Liked his show but the beer thing was a turn off. Earnhart JR. with Mountain Drew sponsorship, I'm proud of him.

I feel rich living here in Oregon. My GF was ddited to beer, I got her into wine to veer her away from beer and now she's into water and tea. Thank God.

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We wish we could move back to CA. We can't afford either the homes or the taxes there...only the illegals can afford to live there now and the hard working middle class who pay for them to get subsidized homes/apartments for next to nothing. Soon even beautiful CA will look like Tijuana, and before you know it, maybe we can afford to move back!!

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1 reply to Sandy's comment

Sandy, not really true. I live in Southern California, was born here and my family goes back generations.
I do not see California turning into "Tijuana".. I love my state and believe me, I would notice. We need the economy to continue to get better and some rain. Had to laugh at your not so subtle slap in the face non compliment.
You would probably be happier right where you are.

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