For Sale: 5 Glass Houses With Clear Appeal

Stunning glass housed currently on the market across the U.S. Continue Reading »

Houses With 'Downton Abbey' Style, a Little Closer to Home

To bring "Downton Abbey" a little closer to home, we've gathered a few Crawley-worthy estates currently on the market in the U.S. Continue Reading »

For Sale: Dramatic Home Design in a Stunning Beach Setting

"Kwan designed and built everything around the inspiration he was getting from nature." Continue Reading »

Why It Might Be Time to Consider a Dome as Your Home

With meteorologists predicting intense storms for the future, some homeowners are turning to dome homes to reduce their vulnerability. Continue Reading »

World's Largest Gingerbread House Rises in Texas (Video)

The world's largest gingerbread house purportedly is the first of its kind built outdoors -- and that created a problem. Continue Reading »

Homes to Be Thankful For

Here's a roundup of the kind of real estate that we're just grateful exists. Continue Reading »

For Sale: Dome Home in Sedona Was Shaped to Be a Standout

"They wanted to have the most recognizable home in Sedona." Continue Reading »

Homes for Sale by Famous Architects, Starting at Under $1 Million

The architects behind these homes are revered for developing design styles that have and will be imitated for generations to come. Continue Reading »

Up for Auction: Farm of Famous Pretzel-Franchise Founders

Jonas and Anne Beiler are hoping to quickly dispense of a nice chunk of Amish-country property about an hour west of Philadelphia. Continue Reading »

Micro-Apartment Movement Looks to Build Momentum Among Millennials

"It speaks to this millennial generation that's watched older siblings get handcuffed to houses during the housing crash." Continue Reading »

'Walkie Talkie' Skyscraper's Glaring Problem Fixed, Owners Say

The skyscraper was dubbed the "Walkie Talkie" because of its flared shape but then became known as the "Walkie Scorchie" after it was blamed for scorching the panels of a Jaguar car and the seat of a bicycle parked on a street below. Continue Reading »

For Sale in Seattle: A House Designed to Exact Revenge

The legend behind this odd-shaped house in the Northwest is that it was designed to exact revenge for a real estate deal that went south. Continue Reading »

For Sale: Chase Utley's Sleek, Unique Tri-Level Penthouse

"It's so unique to have a tri-level penthouse. There's nothing like that here." Continue Reading »

Chic, Spacious Homes for Sale That Find Inspiration in the Barn

These spacious, country-inspired homes-for-sale put on a few airs by adding sleek modern elements. Continue Reading »

Castle Ruins for Sale: Needing Some TLC

The limestone ruins look like something abandoned hundreds of years ago along a misty loch in Scotland -- but they're in upstate New York. Continue Reading »

Graffiti Artists Sue to Stop Housing That Will Level Their 'Louvre'

A group of graffiti artists claim in court that preservation of their paintings on a New York City site known as 5Pointz trumps the property owner's plan to put up 1,000 luxury apartments there. Continue Reading »

Solar Decathlon's Latest Designs for Affordable, Efficient Homes

The future is now for the 19 collegiate teams in the Solar Decathlon, where the big emphasis this year is on affordability. Here's a gallery of some highlights. Continue Reading »

Romneys Reboot With a New Ski Chalet in Park City

The former presidential nominee and his wife sold a vacation home in Park City, Utah, five years ago. Now they're back, with the purchase of a rustic ski chalet. Continue Reading »

Raising the Roof: Stunning Homes Designed by Women

In this gallery of homes designed by 14 women architects, they describe what's inspired and challenged them while working in a predominantly male field -- and how women architects might now have an edge. Continue Reading »

For Octoberfest, Homes With a Bit of Bavaria

Here are homes that bring a bit of Middle Europe to America with their Bavarian flavor. Continue Reading »

Can't Find a Dream Home? Maybe It's Time to Build Your Own

Custom homebuilders make it easier for consumers to create their dream home, but the process can be long and can often include hiccups that can create stress and cost money. Here are some things to consider. Continue Reading »

For Sale: Classic Frank Lloyd Wright Home, Handled With Care

The home is also only on its third owner -- and it's this limited ownership that made the home so lovingly preserved. Continue Reading »

Tennessee Titans-Themed Home For Sale: Nashville's Ultimate 'Fan Cave'?

Whether you are in the market for the ultimate Tennessee Titans tailgate or are simply a die-hard NFL fan, you have to check out this incredible townhouse in Nashville. Continue Reading »

When Buildings Attack: Melted Car Parts, Burned Sunbathers and More

A dramatic new skyscraper creates such an intense zone of reflected heat from its concave design that it's even melted part of an automobile. This isn't such a new problem though. Continue Reading »

'Intervention' Turns Back the Clock on Classic Malibu Home

Some guys restore cars. Michael LaFetra restores architecturally notable homes he fears are in danger of losing their character. Continue Reading »

Hilltop Estate Is Like Living in a Video Game -- With Good Reason

"A lot of my games include portals or gateways" says the homeowner, "... fantasy worlds, just like the experience of going through the house." Its recent price reduction could make that a bargain for the right homebuyer. Continue Reading »

Where Living in a Dumpster Gets a Whole New Meaning

AOL Real Estate first reported on Gregory Kloehn in September 2011, but as seen in this video, others are just taking notice now. Continue Reading »

Churchill Home Shows World War II Leader's Gentler Side

When it comes to home decor, Britain's stolid World War II prime minister seems to have preferred a light touch. Continue Reading »

House That Grieving Family Left Stuck in Time, Now a Museum

Like something out of a Dickens novel, 81 years ago a loss left a family so bereft that they essentially tried to freeze time. Grocer William Straw Sr. lived for about 10 years with his wife and youngest son in a semi-detached home in the Sheffield suburb of Worksop, in northern England. The family lived an... Continue Reading »

Makeovers That Add Value to Your Home

Which color should you never use in the bedroom? What kind of countertops and flooring are guaranteed to sell? Watch this video to find out. Continue Reading »


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