Homebuilder Confidence Rises, Barely

"Builder confidence has been in a holding pattern the past three months." Continue Reading »

Best-Paying Cities By Occupation [Infographic]

Here are the best-paying cities with the most opportunity, by occupation, along with links to homes for sale and rent locally. Continue Reading »

Tech Protesters Get Personal, Target San Francisco Landlord

"When you put a face on it, it suddenly becomes more real." Continue Reading »

U.S. Counties Hitting the Highs (and Lows) in Property Taxes

Want to know how your county stacks up against the rest of the country? Check out these rankings. Continue Reading »

Top Fed Official: Rapid Hikes in U.S. Interest Rates Unlikely

"It seems less likely that we will experience a growth spurt in the next couple of years that would engender concerns about rapid wage pressures and changes in inflation expectations." Continue Reading »

U.S. Housing Market Seeing Signs of a Spring Thaw

"The vibe is good; our sales people are happy. They're all working with prospects all the time." Continue Reading »

Search for Sturdier Trees Could Save Communities Millions

The just-concluded winter may spur more cities, developers and homeowners to plant different trees -- but which ones? Continue Reading »

Most U.S. Homes Now Affordable for Average Buyers

Most homes nationwide are more affordable now than they were in the years leading up to the start of the housing bubble, new research says. Continue Reading »

City to Demolish High-Rises for Games' Opening Ceremony

Organizers of this year's Commonwealth Games in Glasgow want to bring down the house with an opening ceremony that is, literally, explosive. Continue Reading »

Construction Spending Barely Budges in February

Residential construction sees its biggest setback since July. Continue Reading »

Detroit Demolitions Leave Blank Page for City's Next Chapter

A huge demolition project holds the potential to transform large parts of Detroit into an urban-redevelopment laboratory like the nation has never seen. Continue Reading »

Property Tax Revenue Reaches a Record High

The housing recovery is finally reaching school districts and cities' budgets. Continue Reading »

Flood Insurance Premiums Still Cresting Despite New Law

Despite a new law, as many as 1.1 million policyholders with subsidized government insurance will still be hit with steady rate increases. Continue Reading »

Americans Now Put Mortgages Ahead of Credit Cards, Study Says

The shift comes as U.S. home values have been climbing, allowing many homeowners to build equity in their homes, a new study says. Continue Reading »

Housing Starts Fall, But Permits Rebound

The latest homebuilding numbers suggest underlying weakness in housing activity apart from the drag of cold weather. Continue Reading »

Early Spring Thaw in Homes for Sale? Listings Up 10%

New data from shows home sellers are a bit more confident, with prices rising and more people listing their homes for sale as home sales are expected to increase in the spring. Continue Reading »

Detroit's 'Brewster Projects' Yields to Final Demolition

"Today's demolition isn't about removing an eyesore. It's about restoring hope and promise to the citizens of Detroit." Continue Reading »

Net Worth of U.S. Households Sets Record

Household net worth jumped nearly $3 trillion during last year's fourth quarter, thanks in part to a rebounding housing market. Continue Reading »

Home Prices Rise at Solid Pace in January

During the past 12 months, home prices have seen the biggest year-over-year gain in more than eight years. Continue Reading »

Homebuilders Lift Construction Industry

Economists had expected the January weakness, believing that construction would be slowed by the unusually cold weather. Continue Reading »

Underwater Homes Recede to Below 20% in U.S.

The number of U.S. homeowners who owe more on their homes than they're worth is slowly but surely receding, and could mean more choice for homebuyers. Continue Reading »

Freddie Mac to Pay Treasury $10.4 Billion on Record Profit

Freddie Mac says it will soon send the U.S. Treasury another fat dividend check, putting taxpayers further into the black on the bailout of the mortgage giant. Continue Reading »

New Home Sales Surge Nearly 10% in January

Sales of new homes reached their highest level in January since the summer of 2008. Continue Reading »

Study: Housing Recovery Uneven Across U.S.

Markets that experienced the biggest run up in prices during the bubble -- and subsequently the deepest drops -- have a much longer road ahead, the study found. Continue Reading »

Oil Boom Now Boosting House Prices Throughout North Dakota

The average sale price of a home in North Dakota last year was $201,991, up from $168,105 in 2011, according to a trade group. Continue Reading »

Existing Home Sales Slump on Weather, Supply Woes

Homebuyers were hampered by cold weather and a lack of housing stock. Continue Reading »

Homebuyers Gaining Bargaining Power as Inventory Increases

Homebuyers should expect to have more bargaining power this spring. Continue Reading »

Oil Town Easily Tops Major U.S. Cities in Average Rent Cost

A 700-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in this remote locale costs about $900 more than the same-size dwelling in the New York area, a new survey says. Continue Reading »

Chicago Fight for Presidential Library Is Tale of Two Cities

"Just sticking it out in a field somewhere and thinking that it will be an economic-development engine, it does not work." Continue Reading »

Streets Named After Presidents: By Popularity, Home Prices

Want to know which presidential streets are the most popular and expensive? Continue Reading »

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