Election 2012

Ariel Castro's Cleveland Home Becomes a 'Tourist Destination'

The home of Ariel Castro, who allegedly held three women captive inside for more than a decade, has gotten a lot of attention. Continue Reading »

Opinion: In Obama's Second Term, What Will Happen to the Housing Market?

Mark Calabria (pictured at left) is the director of financial regulations studies at the Cato Institute, a public policy research organization. The most glaring absence during the hard-fought campaign between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was any offer of substance regarding the housing market. It... Continue Reading »

View Our Post-Election Hangout With DailyFinance, AOL Jobs, AOL Real Estate

This live chat has ended, but view it on video below. Go to the AOL Jobs Google+ page at 12:30 p.m. EST and join in our post-election Hangout! We'll have our staff answering your questions about what Obama's second term could mean for the future of housing, jobs, and the economy. Don't have a Google+ account?... Continue Reading »

Election Day Housing Issues: What You Should Know As You Vote

It's Election Day, and we hope you're getting out to the polls to make your voice heard, but make sure you're making an informed decision. Though the battered state of the housing market hasn't played a huge role in the debates, the next president will be responsible for steering the direction of the real... Continue Reading »

Political Yard Signs: When Your HOA Can Tell You to Take Them Down

HOAs have the right to tell you to take down that Barack Obama or Mitt Romney sign in your yard. Continue Reading »

Presidential Election 2012: Obama's Housing Policy Wins and Losses

By John Kelly In their platform, Democrats tell it this way: President Barack Obama's "swift action" stabilized a crisis-stricken housing market and helped millions of American families stave off foreclosure through restructured loans that shaved hundreds of dollars off their mortgage bills. The president... Continue Reading »

RealtyTrac Election Housing Report Finds Housing Market Worse Off than in 2008

Foreclosure marketplace RealtyTrac said in a report that the housing market is still far off from recovering even to its state at the peak of the financial crisis, let alone the boom years. Continue Reading »

Making the White House a 'Home'

Leading a nation is tough work. When the president of the United States goes to his private residence at the end of the day, he undoubtedly yearns for the comforts of "home." But what does that home look like? Continue Reading »

Trulia's Housing Misery Index Hints at What's to Come During -- and After -- the Election

The top two most miserable states for housing -- Nevada and Florida -- are both swing states. So how is this going to effect President Obama's and Mitt Romney's spin on housing as the November election approaches? Continue Reading »

Mortgage Lenders Get Boost From Obama's Housing Efforts

In the past few years, the federal government, and specifically the Obama administration, has made a number of efforts to improve the housing market through regulatory controls, and new data shows these have really paid off for lenders. Continue Reading »

At Stake in Vice Presidential Debate: There's Politics, and Then There's the VP's Residence

As Paul Ryan and Joe Biden crisscross the country discussing health care, jobs and the economy, they're campaigning for more than the vice presidency. They're also entrenched in a battle for the right to reside at Number One Observatory Circle. Continue Reading »

Denver Presidential Debate and Housing: Experts React to the Issue That Wasn't

Neither Obama nor Romney had much to say about housing, but their silence still tells us something, two real estate experts say. Continue Reading »

How Obama, Romney Really Compare on Housing

With the presidential candidates squaring off to discuss a variety of issues, including housing, Estately.com compares the homes of the two men who long to make the White House home for the next four years. Continue Reading »

What Next for Housing? 6 Americans' Concerns as Presidential Debates Loom

With the first presidential debate set to kick off Wednesday, Americans may soon get a clearer picture of where President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney stand on housing and a better sense of the policies that they might implement. Continue Reading »

The Loser of the Presidential Election Can Still Have a White House

It's possible that the plush digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will switch hands next year. But for the fellow who's denied access to the most prestigious address in America, there's another presidential place that may suit him just as well: 1111 Towlston Road. Continue Reading »

Romney's and Obama's Housing Policies: Why the Candidates Seem Reluctant to Go There

The presidential candidates have mostly avoided housing -- an issue that's largely responsible for the last five years of economic pain -- and maybe with good reason, industry observers say. Continue Reading »

Election 2012: Will It Affect Your Decision to Buy a Home?

Despite housing affordability being near an all-time high, election season reportedly is giving some prospective homebuyers the jitters. And maybe with good reason. Continue Reading »

Housing Market Looking Up Across the Country

New trends in the market may be helpful to both buyers and sellers who have been struggling lately. Continue Reading »

Vacant Homes Plague Neighbors as Lenders Drag Feet

A Chicago woman's story captures the heavy toll that vacant, neglected homes can take on their neighbors' quality of life as properties are left to deteriorate by banks. Continue Reading »

U.S. Home Sales Jump to Highest Since May 2010

U.S. sales of previously occupied homes reached their highest level in more than two years while construction of new homes also rose. "The U.S. housing recovery is for real," one expert says. Continue Reading »

U.S. Homebuilder Confidence Surges to 6-Year High

Forecasters see more good news for the housing market as confidence among U.S. homebuilders is gauged at its highest since just before the bubble burst. Continue Reading »

Obama's Housing Scorecard

The housing market is gaining strength thanks in part to government programs aimed at helping struggling homeowners, the latest Obama Administration Housing Scorecard released Thursday found. Continue Reading »

Expiring Tax Cut Poised To Take a Bite Out of Mortgage Settlement Payouts (Opinion)

A tax on forgiven debt is a slap in the face to homeowners who fell victim to big banks in the National Mortgage Settlement. Continue Reading »

Lenders' Force-Placed Insurance Policies Cost Homeowners More

How would you like it if your lender forced a hazard insurance policy on you even if you were already covered? It happens, and now the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau is asking consumers whether homeowners deserve better treatment. Continue Reading »

Home Asking Prices Log Biggest Year-Over-Year Jump Since Recession

In August, home asking prices rose 2.3 percent year over year, the largest annual jump reported yet by online listing service Trulia's Price Monitor and the largest year-over-year increase since before the recession. Continue Reading »

Why Are Short Sales So Bad for Your Credit?

By Barry Paperno I recently wrote about the negative impact of short sales and foreclosures on credit scores, and how such a mark on your credit report can knock as much as 160 points off your score. While intuitively this kind of severe impact isn't so surprising in the case of a foreclosure, some people are... Continue Reading »

Barack Obama's and Mitt Romney's Homes

As the presidential race heats up, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are concentrating their focus on one certain house in Washington, D.C. But before they considered the White House as their possible residence, the two lived in a variety of places across the U.S. Here's a roundup of... Continue Reading »

Case-Shiller Index June 2012: Home Prices Rise for 3rd Straight Month

U.S. home prices rose in June from May in every city tracked by a leading index, an encouraging sign that the housing market is improving. Continue Reading »

How Fannie Mae Is Making It Harder to Get a Home Loan

One of the two large U.S. government-sponsored backers of home loans, Fannie Mae, recently revealed that it would tighten some of its lending restrictions for certain consumers. Continue Reading »

Home Price Gains Pull 400,000 Homeowners Above Water

Home price increases helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners emerge from negative home equity in the second quarter, a new study says. Many are in markets hardest hit in the housing bust. Continue Reading »

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