Fewer U.S. Homes Entered Foreclosure Track in 3Q

Foreclosure actions that were started in the July-September period dipped to their lowest point in seven years. Continue Reading »

Chicago Acts to Soften Impact of Foreclosure on Renters

A new law designed to protect renters and stem a tide of vacant and derelict dwellings just took effect in Chicago. But opponents warn that it will only make things worse. Continue Reading »

Auctioned Detroit House Becomes a Dream Home (Video)

While many were flocking from Detroit, Laura Breisch was house hunting. Continue Reading »

Foreclosures Fall 25% in July from a Year Ago

New mortgage applications and demand to refinance existing loans have been slowed by changes in borrowing costs. Continue Reading »

Woman's Belongings Lost When Repo Crew Empties Wrong House

Nikki Bailey of Logan, W.Va., came home to find that her home had wrongly been broken into and all of her belongings trucked away by a repo crew. But she can't press criminal charges. Continue Reading »

Lose a Home Over a $6 Tax Bill? Why It Could Happen to You

Not all is lost for a Pennsylvania woman who lost her $280,000 home over an unpaid $6 interest charge. A Beaver County appeals court has vacated a ruling in a case against homeowner Eileen Battisti, saying the trial court acted too hastily when it denied Battisti a proper hearing to prevent her home (pictured... Continue Reading »

Home Foreclosures on Track to End 2013 at 6-Year Low

Foreclosures peaked in 2010 and have been declining amid steady job gains and still-low mortgage interest rates, and now the U.S. is on track to end 2013 with the fewest number in years. Continue Reading »

City Sued Over Its Plan to Aid Homeowners Through Eminent Domain

An investor group sues the city of Richmond, Calif., saying that if the San Francisco suburb is allowed to go ahead with its plan to seize mortgages that it could threaten the whole mortgage market. Continue Reading »

Property Taxes After Foreclosure: Who Pays?

Whether or not you'll be responsible for the property taxes owed on a foreclosed home can depend on where you live. Continue Reading »

Good News for Homeowners: Fewer Foreclosures in June

The housing market has gotten back on its feet in the last year with home prices rising and sales improving. Fewer foreclosures have also had an effect on homebuyer confidence. Continue Reading »

Alleged Thieves May Have Collected Rent on Someone Else's Foreclosure

Renter Bertha Williams thought that a St. Louis home advertised for rent "was legit" because those renting it to her had keys to the front door. Continue Reading »

Home Foreclosures Fall to Lowest Level in Nearly 8 Years

Foreclosure starts reportedly are on pace to drop sharply from last year, while the number of completed foreclosures, when the lender repossesses a home, are expected be far less as well. Continue Reading »

May Foreclosures Drop Sharply Compared to a Year Ago

Even though there were more in May than in April, the number of foreclosures completed was well below the number in May 2012. Continue Reading »

Where Cities Are Practically Giving Away Abandoned Homes

Government is getting creative in trying to rid communities of abandoned homes and other properties, with opportunities for those willing to take on a rehab. Continue Reading »

Minnesota Woman Says Bank Took Her Money, Foreclosed Anyway

Mardee Jerde is homeless today. At 9 a.m., a representative of JPMorgan Chase, along with a real estate agent and a locksmith, arrived to change the locks on her former three-bedroom house in Rush City, Minn. She's hoping that a last-ditch legal effort can get her home back, but meanwhile this breast-cancer... Continue Reading »

Thousands of Borrowers to Get Mortgage Payments Reduced

Borrowers with mortgages backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who are at least 90 days behind on payments will start receiving offers from lenders to lower their mortgage payments. Continue Reading »

Bad at Math? You're More Likely to Lose Your Home

Those lacking math skills are apt to get in trouble on a mortgage, no matter what kind it is, a new study finds. Continue Reading »

Home Re-Sales Pass 5 Million Mark for 1st Time Since 2009

With a tight supply of homes on the market, the median sales price is at its highest in fiver years. Continue Reading »

Mortgage Modifications Still Taking Banks Too Long, Report Says

The independent monitor of last year's national mortgage settlement said the banks are doing a better job of mortgage servicing but more needs to be done. Continue Reading »

Home Repossessions Picked Up in May, RealtyTrac Reports

The May numbers reflect a rise in homes entering the foreclosure process in 2012, many of which became bank-owned properties. But there are still significantly fewer repossessions than a year ago. Continue Reading »

Number of Foreclosed Homes Holds Steady, CoreLogic Says

The foreclosures completed last month were about the same amount as in March but down significantly from the the amount reported by CoreLogic in April 2012. Continue Reading »

Ricardo Cerezo, Facing Eviction, Finds $4.85 Million Lottery Ticket

Ricardo Cerezo of Geneva, Ill. was facing foreclosure from his home -- and then found a $4.85 million lottery ticket in a cookie jar Continue Reading »

Here's What You Can Buy With Your Foreclosure Settlement

Alexis Goldstein of Occupy Wall Street was so appalled with the low settlement checks received by wrongly foreclosed upon homeowners that she listed the meagre items they could buy on Tumblr page: "What You Can Buy for Having Your House Stolen" Continue Reading »

Why Buyers Should Consider Foreclosures or Short Sales

Many homebuyers have thought of foreclosures and short sales as damaged goods. But these properties can offer real value and more bang for your buck. Continue Reading »

Behind the Foreclosure Surge in New York, New Jersey

By Nin-Hai Tseng Just as many of us believe we've seen the worst of the housing market's collapse, two unlikely states are only now getting hit with a wave of foreclosures: New York and New Jersey. The region was largely spared when home prices disastrously tumbled in 2007. New York and New Jersey, with some... Continue Reading »

14 Cities With the Most Foreclosures Right Now

One in every 859 U.S. homes is receiving a foreclosure filing, according to RealtyTrac. These are the cities that are bearing the brunt of it. Continue Reading »

What to Do If Foreclosure Is Killing Your Credit

Foreclosures can do a number on your credit report, and here's what you can expect when that happens. Continue Reading »

1 in 3 Foreclosures Have Bank Errors to Blame

A shocking number of U.S. homeowners who had foreclosure proceedings brought against them by the biggest mortgage companies during the housing bust nearly lost their homes because of a potential banking error, The Huffington Post reported. Nearly a third of foreclosed borrowers, or 1.2 million, in 2009... Continue Reading »

Foreclosures Returning to Pre-Housing Bust Levels

The number of homes lost to foreclosure is closing in on levels not seen since before the housing meltdown. Continue Reading »

Ex-NFL Star Warren Sapp's Florida Mansion Finally Sells

Warren Sapps' 10,000-square-foot Mediterranean home in Windermere, Fla., reportedly got an offer at less than half of it's former worth. Continue Reading »


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