Home Equity

Home Equity Loans: Why They're Back, and Better

As the home equity lending business heats up, and banks step up their outreach, here are a few things you need to know. Continue Reading »

U.S. Counties Hitting the Highs (and Lows) in Property Taxes

Want to know how your county stacks up against the rest of the country? Check out these rankings. Continue Reading »

Reverse Mortgages: Weighing the Risks

Reverse mortgages are a legitimate financial alternative for those who want to remain in their homes but lack the cash flow to do so, but there are pitfalls. Continue Reading »

How to Capitalize on the Tax Benefits of Home Improvement

The cost of any actual improvement cannot be deducted from your taxes. But it can have a tax benefit. Continue Reading »

Americans Now Put Mortgages Ahead of Credit Cards, Study Says

The shift comes as U.S. home values have been climbing, allowing many homeowners to build equity in their homes, a new study says. Continue Reading »

White House Pushes for Local Awareness of Climate Change

The idea is that with localized data the public can better understand the risks they face, especially in coastal areas where flooding is a big issue. Continue Reading »

Underwater Homes Recede to Below 20% in U.S.

The number of U.S. homeowners who owe more on their homes than they're worth is slowly but surely receding, and could mean more choice for homebuyers. Continue Reading »

Key Things to Know About Home Equity Loans

Lenders are now more confident about allowing homeowners to borrow against the value of their dwellings, but here are four other things you'll need to know about home equity loans before trying to get one. Continue Reading »

Tax Breaks That Every Homeowner Should Know About

You'll need to itemize your taxes in order to take advantage of these deductions and credits. Continue Reading »

Family's 'Dream' Tree House Nailed by Building Code

A scene of Nerf Gun battles is now the setting for a fight with City Hall. Continue Reading »

Fewer Americans Fall Behind on Mortgage Payments

The percentage of mortgage holders at least two months behind on their payments falls to its lowest level in more than 5 years. Continue Reading »

Zillow Housing Outlook: Mixed Forecast for 2014's Market

"The housing recovery is entering the middle innings after an incredible run in 2013." Continue Reading »

Fewest Foreclosures in California Since 2005

"There's a strong incentive to hang on." Continue Reading »

Why 2013's Rise in Home Prices Is Big Lift for U.S. Economy

The primary reason more Americans are seeing their net equity rise is an increase in home prices. Here's why that's good news for the economy. Continue Reading »

Homeowners' Remodeling Budgets Are Smaller This Winter, Survey Says

Homeowners who are pondering home improvement project this winter plan to spend significantly less compared with previous seasons, a Zillow survey says. Continue Reading »

Retirement Reboot: Upsides of Downsizing to a Rental Home

Here are 10 reasons to become a renter in retirement. Continue Reading »

Home Equity Loans Making a Comeback

Home equity loans are again an option for many homeowners. Here's a quick guide to picking the right one to finance a remodeling project. Continue Reading »

Proposal Would Delay 'Unaffordable' Flood-Insurance Changes

A bipartisan group of lawmakers seek to delay changes to a government flood insurance program that's enraged homeowners and the real estate industry. Continue Reading »

Jersey Shore Vacation Homes: From Escapes to Financial Traps

A year after Hurricane Sandy blasted through, countless middle-class families whose tiny vacation homes were once the place to make precious memories are finding them to be a financial albatross. Continue Reading »

Scary Money Stories: When Houses Haunt Your Finances

Getty Images Many of the scariest money troubles have to do with real estate. A misstep managing home-related finances can mean having to move back in with Mom... or worse. Come hear some of our readers' most spine-tingling tales of financial woe -- and find out what you can do if it happens to you. The Money... Continue Reading »

On the Jersey Shore, Recovery From Sandy Comes Fast -- and Slow (Video)

Toms River is one of New Jersey's largest examples of the paradox of the recovery -– contractors working nonstop to repair homes, streets and infrastructure in some places, and in others, rows of houses looking as if they were abandoned. Continue Reading »

How To Get Over Rising Flood Risk, Insurance Rates? Raise the House

Rising sea levels and more severe storms mean that in some areas, more homeowners are finding themselves in flood zones for the first time or in higher-risk ones. Here's the most common way to reduce the risk. Continue Reading »

A Year After Sandy: Jersey Shore Horror Stories Continue

They were people who thought they had done the right thing. They'd paid their mortgages and taxes, sent their kids to school, worked hard, and bought flood insurance to protect their homes. Continue Reading »

When a 'Basement' Is Your Home: Sandy Insurance Battles

Homeowners who sustained Sandy losses describe a war of definitions as they battle insurance companies they've been paying premiums to for years. Continue Reading »

Homeowners Insurance: Claims on Small Losses Can Carry Big Costs

You've paid the premiums on homeowners insurance for all these years, so why not file a claim for a minor loss? It can have a lot to do with where you live. Continue Reading »

Americans Willing to Spend More to Remodel, Survey Says

Americans are taking on more remodeling projects and plan to use more expensive materials throughout the process, a new survey says. Continue Reading »

Don't Count on Home Equity to Fund Retirement

Folks who are living without quite enough saved for retirement should be realistic about what that equity can provide. Here are a few reasons to be cautious about relying on home equity to provide for you financially in retirement. Continue Reading »

Trade a Share of a Down Payment for a Stake in Your Home?

A privately financed program offers to match up to half a homebuyer's down payment on a home for a chunk of the property's equity. Continue Reading »

Cash-Out Refinancing: When and How to Do It Right

A recent rule change allows even new homeowners to immediately do a cash-out refinance to purchase other real estate, do home improvements or pay off debt. Here's how to successfully seal the deal. Continue Reading »

Housing Prices Lift 2.5 Million Homes Out of Negative Equity

Rising home prices keep driving down the number of U.S. homeowners struggling with underwater mortgages, but the housing market remains far from fully healed. Continue Reading »

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