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Designs for Small Spaces, as Seen on 'American Dream Builders'

Here's how you can recreate some of the looks given to modular houses by the designers on NBC's "American Dream Builders," Episode 5. Continue Reading »

Today's Modular Homes Offer Flexibility, and More Strength

"American Dream Builders" contestants were given four identical modular homes to showcase their creativity, and they showed that house's versatility. Continue Reading »

'American Dream Builders,' Episode 5 Recap: Modular Matchup

This week on the NBC reality design show, "€œAmerican Dream Builders,"€ contestants are put to the test by getting only three days to design a modular home. Continue Reading »

Recap of 'American Dream Builders,' Episode 4: Clashing Cabins

This week on NBC's home renovation reality show "American Dream Builders," the teams head into the woods to refurbish two 100-year-old family cabins. Continue Reading »

'American Dream Builders,' Episode 3: Taking Chances

This week on NBC’s home renovation reality show “American Dream Builders,” each team had a week to remodel and design a Spanish-style home in North Hollywood. Continue Reading »

'American Dream Builders': Midcentury, Before & After

Midcentury architecture is enjoying a resurgence, but it's a style that can look dated and dark, as was the problem on "American Dream Builders." Continue Reading »

Search for Sturdier Trees Could Save Communities Millions

The just-concluded winter may spur more cities, developers and homeowners to plant different trees -- but which ones? Continue Reading »

How to Capitalize on the Tax Benefits of Home Improvement

The cost of any actual improvement cannot be deducted from your taxes. But it can have a tax benefit. Continue Reading »

Avoiding Mold in Your Home

Wondering if your home has a mold problem? You should. Continue Reading »

Whole-House Humidifier Benefits

A whole-house humidifier can make an entire home feel more comfortable. Continue Reading »

'American Dream Builders,' Episode 1: How to Get the Look

On the first episode of NBC's new home renovation reality show, "American Dream Builders," design teams confronted two homes in desperate need of smarter space and rooms with more light. Continue Reading »

Architectural Digest Showcases Latest Home Design Trends

The hottest home design trends for 2014 include sleek ergonomic design, organic materials and customization. Continue Reading »

How to Clean a Home's Air Ducts

Cleaning a home's air ducts requires some time and a bit of work. Continue Reading »

How to Remove Oil Stains From a Garage Floor

Removing oil stains from a garage floor isn't as difficult as you might think, with the right methods. Continue Reading »

Sorting Out Truths and Myths About Home Storage

Built-in cabinets, cubbies with baskets or trays and repurposed antique furniture are the biggest home organization trends, a Zillow survey says. Continue Reading »

Choosing House Paint: The Do's and Don'ts of Color

There's nothing like paint to transform the look of your home's exterior, but it can be challenging to make a final selection. Continue Reading »

Home Maintenance: 8 Money-Saving Projects for Spring

Heating a home is expensive, and we’ll do whatever we can to reduce the winter bills. But many projects better suited for warmer weather can save you money, too. Continue Reading »

Get Rid of Aphids Naturally in Your Garden

Various methods for getting rid of aphids in your garden, including garlic water spray and ladybugs. Continue Reading »

5 Features That Can Spike Insurance Costs

There are five seemingly desirable home features that might end up costing you more in insurance premiums than you realize. Continue Reading »

Home Improvement: Backyards Now at Forefront in Desirability

"Homeowners demand and want a great outdoor living space as part of the total package of a home and homebuilders list it as a high priority for new construction." Continue Reading »

How to Make a Mudroom

However you go about it, once you have a mudroom, you'll wonder how you ever survived without one. Continue Reading »

Home Improvements With the Biggest Investment Returns

Most home improvements don't add as much value to a property as they cost, but here are the ones that currently bring the most. Continue Reading »

Keeping the Heat On: Keys to Maintaining a Furnace

It's tempting to skip the annual tune-up, but avoiding maintenance can be risky for a number of reasons. Continue Reading »

Tornado Victims' Rebuild Leaves Them Feeling Abandoned

Nearly a year after their home was destroyed in the massive tornado that struck Moore, Okla., last spring, a family says that they've now fallen victim to a contractor. Continue Reading »

Oscar-Worthy Home Theaters

These home theaters more than compete with the modern cineplex for great movie-viewing. Continue Reading »

Retractable-Roof Pergolas: Made for the Sun and Shade

Looking forward to spring? Then you might want to plan now to create an adaptable outdoor space using a retractable-roof pergola. Continue Reading »

Don't Let Winter Put a Chill on Your Home Sale

To help sell your home in real estate's slow season, it should exude a feeling of warmth and attention to detail. Continue Reading »

Putting a House Out of Reach of Flood, Insurance Hikes

A Maryland Man has joined many other American homeowners by literally lifting his house out of the flood plain, but it wasn't a quick fix. Continue Reading »

Tax Breaks That Every Homeowner Should Know About

You'll need to itemize your taxes in order to take advantage of these deductions and credits. Continue Reading »

Family's 'Dream' Tree House Nailed by Building Code

A scene of Nerf Gun battles is now the setting for a fight with City Hall. Continue Reading »

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