Construction Spending Up Slightly, Thanks to Homebuilding

December's increase was driven by private residential construction, which hit its highest annual pace since June 2008. Continue Reading »

What Renters Say Would Make Them Move in 2014

Among renters who plan to move this year, the most common reason is economic. Continue Reading »

Chilly Weather Pulls Home Prices Down in November

Nine straight months of price gains ended. Continue Reading »

Housing Starts Fall in December, but Less Than Expected

Even though the building sector saw the largest drop in activity since April, it wasn't as big a fall as feared. Continue Reading »

U.S. Homebuilder Confidence Slips in January

A homebuilders survey shows a slight decline in confidence, even though most developers have faith in a continued housing recovery. Continue Reading »

Vacant Rentals Are at Their Lowest Availability in 12 Years

"There are a number of markets where rents continue to boom...." Continue Reading »

Why Manhattan Is the Most Robust Real Estate Market in U.S.

Manhattan condo prices reached an all-time high in fourth quarter of 2013, thanks to a particular type of added inventory. Continue Reading »

Millionaire Landlord Moves Into Crime-Plagued Community on a Mission

"I got a death threat 'cause I figured out who was dealing drugs and gave them an eviction notice." Continue Reading »

Homes You Could Own That Really Are Castles

None of these are in Europe and some aren't even very old. Continue Reading »

Miami Real Estate Market Builds on City's Cultural Renaissance

"Art has been one of the great catalysts in producing this great reaction to Miami and it translates most clearly in the real estate market." Continue Reading »

Construction Spending Up but Homebuilders Lag

Home construction fell in October, dragged lower by a drop in single-family homes. But some predict a rebound. Continue Reading »

Charity Under Suspicion After Flipping Foreclosed Homes to Investors

According to the documents and a review of local property records in Las Vegas, the charity flipped a significant number of the homes to investors, generating millions of dollars in profits for those financing Heartland's activities with relatively short-term loans. Continue Reading »

College Town Real Estate: Smart Ways to Invest in It

There are two key factors to consider when thinking about investing in college-town real estate, according to an expert. Continue Reading »

Iberia Courts Foreign Investors With Lure of Visas, Tax Breaks

The most eager customers, real estate agents and lawyers say, are Chinese and Russians, who have been flocking to Europe for their holidays for more than a decade. Continue Reading »

Homebuilder Sentiment Stabilizes in November

"The fact that builder confidence remains above 50 is an encouraging sign, considering the unresolved debt and federal budget issues cause builders and consumers to remain on the sideline." Continue Reading »

Home Values in Big Cities Took Biggest Hit in Recession, Study Says

A new Census Bureau report looks at the effects of the recession on home values and American homeownership by state, county and city. Continue Reading »

10 U.S. Housing Markets on the Rebound Right Now

Here are the cities leading America's housing recovery in 2013's third quarter. Continue Reading »

Highest and Lowest Priced Housing Markets in America

One state continues to have the most expensive housing markets in America, with 13 of the top 25, according to a recent study. Here's a look at the priciest, along with the cheapest places to shop for homes in the U.S. Continue Reading »

Minnesota Man's $4 Million Real Estate Empire Is Underground

John Ackerman owns the largest private cave in Minnesota but that's just the beginning of his underground empire. Continue Reading »

U.S. Homeownership Rate Still Stuck in the '90s

With homeownership in the United States stuck at lows not seen since 1995, the housing market appears to still be struggling to recover from the recession. Continue Reading »

Home Prices Rise at Slower Pace in September

Home prices showed only a modest rise in September, after big jumps in July and August. Continue Reading »

Jersey Shore Vacation Homes: From Escapes to Financial Traps

A year after Hurricane Sandy blasted through, countless middle-class families whose tiny vacation homes were once the place to make precious memories are finding them to be a financial albatross. Continue Reading »

Scary Money Stories: When Houses Haunt Your Finances

Getty Images Many of the scariest money troubles have to do with real estate. A misstep managing home-related finances can mean having to move back in with Mom... or worse. Come hear some of our readers' most spine-tingling tales of financial woe -- and find out what you can do if it happens to you. The Money... Continue Reading »

Home Prices Rise in August; Yearly Gain Best Since 2006

Prices for single-family homes in America show their biggest annual rise in seven years. Continue Reading »

Sandy 2013: Storm of Protest Grows Against New Flood Insurance Rates

It all started with Hurricane Katrina, but Hurricane Sandy has ramped up insurance costs for those whose homes have never been flooded, as property owners nationwide feel the sting of a new insurance rates. Continue Reading »

Dealing With a Land Bank: Bargains for Savvy, Skillful Homebuyers

Land banks are revolutionizing the way cities deal with abandoned or foreclosed properties, which have traditionally taken years to acquire, clean up and resell. Continue Reading »

Zuckerberg Buys 4 Homes to Change His Privacy Setting

When you're Mark Zuckerberg and worth $19 billion, you can usually find a price that your neighbors would be willing to sell for. Continue Reading »

Fewer U.S. Homes Entered Foreclosure Track in 3Q

Foreclosure actions that were started in the July-September period dipped to their lowest point in seven years. Continue Reading »

Why Real Estate Could Be the Next Hot Investment, Even Now

Despite some recent lackluster news, "real estate is a great place to put your money," argues the co-founder of an investment firm. Continue Reading »

Latest Mortgage Fraud Trend: Collusion on the Inside

Mortgage fraud is rampant in the U.S., with distressed homeowners offering a new market to criminals with some help from industry pros. Continue Reading »


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