Minnesota Man's $4 Million Real Estate Empire Is Underground

John Ackerman owns the largest private cave in Minnesota but that's just the beginning of his underground empire. Continue Reading »

At Jersey Shore's Camp Osborn, Sandy's Left Only Memories

An entire neighborhood and way of life at the Jersey Shore is washed out with the storm. Continue Reading »

Life in Seattle's 300-Square-Foot Micro-Apartments

Renters from Seattle to New York are choosing to live in less than 300 square feet, though it isn't size that's getting them in the door. Continue Reading »

Buy a Haunted House? Most Would Consider It, Survey Says

Perhaps surprisingly, many respondents say that they've already lived in one they thought haunted. And many more would consider buying one, at the right price. Continue Reading »

Homes for Sale in America's Most Walkable Big Cities

Nothing compares to the ability to walk to restaurants, schools and parks from your own front door, and here are homes that let you take that path in five of the most walkable big cities in America. Continue Reading »

Soaring Property Values Threaten Historic Island Community

The African-American residents of the tiny Hog Hammock community on Georgia's Sapelo Island got sticker shock last year when steep increases in their property values saddled the descendents of slaves with whopping tax bills. Continue Reading »

New Urban Centers Sub for the Suburbs in the American Dream

Americans appear to be reversing the trend of half a century ago of leaving the city for the suburbs. But there's also a third way that splits the difference between the choice of living in a traditional suburb or city core. Here are some examples. Continue Reading »

What Today's Mansion-Buying Millionaires Want Most in a Home

Forget wine cellars and tennis courts, when it comes to what they desire in their mansion homes, the rich might not be that different from the rest of us. Continue Reading »

Floods Washing the Character Out of Colorado Mountain Towns?

The flood has accelerated a process that was already underway in the region's towns. Young, affluent families have flocked to the slower pace of life, bohemian flavor and pristine natural beauty. Continue Reading »

Gay-Bias Ban Helping Revive 'Dead Town' of Vicco, Ky.

The town made national headlines when Vicco's commissioners passed an ordinance which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodations. An influx of money has followed. Continue Reading »

Places That Click for Longevity

"People who live in San Francisco or Fairfax County, Va., or Gunnison, Colo., are enjoying some of the best life expectancies in the world." Continue Reading »

Former Wayne Newton Home Listed at $70 Million

The extravagant ranch, complete with private jet, is listed for $70 million after plans to open it to the public fall through. Continue Reading »

The Changing American Dream: Focused on Being Debt-Free

The traditional American Dream of owning a home and having 2.5 kids is quickly being eclipsed by scaled-down expectations for the future, a new survey finds. Continue Reading »

Las Vegas Bomb Shelter for Sale: Luxurious Blast From the Past

This five-bedroom, six-bath Las Vegas home just blocks from the Strip manages to be unique but still trendy -- now that luxury doomsday bunkers seem to be building a following. Continue Reading »

Doomsday Bunkers Find a Safe Haven in California Town (Video)

Residents of the small city once known for its farming and mining can begin applying for permits to build their subterranean housing this month after the City Council passed a hotly contested ordinance allowing the practice. Continue Reading »

Why Millennials Aren't Rushing Into Homeownership

Saddled with high unemployment and student-loan debt, Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 recently experienced the largest decline in homeownership rates in the country. But there might be more personal reasons to keep living with parents, too. Continue Reading »

Tennessee Titans-Themed Home For Sale: Nashville's Ultimate 'Fan Cave'?

Whether you are in the market for the ultimate Tennessee Titans tailgate or are simply a die-hard NFL fan, you have to check out this incredible townhouse in Nashville. Continue Reading »

Best Places to Pursue Health and Real Estate Wealth

If you're looking to be both healthy and real-estate wealthy, here are 12 locales where it might be wise to look. Continue Reading »

Highs and Lows of Living on a Houseboat

Living aboard a houseboat can be a "special experience," with some extra costs, but also some priceless rewards for those drawn to the water. Continue Reading »

9 Best Places to Retire

As the housing market keeps showing signs of a strong turn-around, it might finally be time for baby boomers and empty-nesters who want to downsize to feel confident again about selling their homes and relocating to some place sunny or near the water. Using data from Kiplinger's list of top states to retire --... Continue Reading »

Retirement Communities Today: Not Your Grandfather's Old Folks' Home

"Coming to Heron Point is like getting a life insurance policy for your children," says a newly arrived resident of Heron Point, a continuing care retirement community. Continue Reading »

Top 10 Cities for Child-Free Living

See homes in the top 10 cities that Estately names as the best places for child-free living. Continue Reading »

Keys to Finding the Right Retirement Community

With real estate markets around the country recovering, a big unresolved question is whether seniors and their families will once again find retirement communities attractive. Continue Reading »

Living With Parents: How Long Is Too Long?

According to a new survey, the appropriate amount of time for an adult child to live at home varies, depending on the age of the parent. Continue Reading »

The Latest Pitch From Your Power Company: Free Nights and Weekends

Some electric companies are increasingly offering plans that sound like come-ons from mobile phone companies: Free nights, free weekends and pre-paid plans. But this new breed of electric plans comes with risks. Continue Reading »

Border Patrol's Arizona Housing Project: Bargain or Boondoggle?

"It's just another multimillion-dollar waste," one critic says of a new housing project built by the government for its employees. "You could buy any house in town for $100,000." Continue Reading »

Tight Mortgage Rules Are Putting Even the Rich in a Pinch

"We don't see deals sail through with the automatic approvals that we used to see. And we are seeing plenty of wealthy people turned down on million-dollar loans who would easily have qualified a few years back." Continue Reading »

Best Places to Live in 2013

The economy remains Americans' No. 1 concern. So as CNNMoney set out in search of this year's best places to live, our data crunching and reporting paid close attention to how well towns were doing economically. Using data from Onboard Informatics and other sources, we looked at everything from unemployment... Continue Reading »

Where Living in a Dumpster Gets a Whole New Meaning

AOL Real Estate first reported on Gregory Kloehn in September 2011, but as seen in this video, others are just taking notice now. Continue Reading »

Back to Living With Your Parents? 4 Ways to Ease Re-Entry

Forced to return home to live with your parents? You're far from alone. Here are four ways to keep everybody happy. Continue Reading »


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