Off the Grid

Is Off-the-Grid Living the Future of Housing?

Many elements of off-the-grid housing look ready to become part of modern life, its proponents and energy experts say, and it has the potential to radically change what we've come to think of as home. Continue Reading »

'The Simple Life' on Canada's Lasqueti Island (Off the Grid)

On Canada's independent-minded Lasqueti Island even electricity isn't necessarily viewed as a necessity. Continue Reading »

Missouri's 'Dancing Rabbit' Ecovillage (Off the Grid)

We are currently living in a way that is indisputably unsustainable. The ecological resources on which modern housing depend are becoming increasingly scarce, and the excessive carbon footprint left behind by "McMansions" and sprawling suburban developments are leading more and more people to seek radically... Continue Reading »

New Mexico's Earthship Homes Are a World Away From Traditional Living (Off the Grid)

In a mesa valley tucked into the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico sits an unlikely community teeming with activity and purpose. Continue Reading »

Costa Rica's Finca Bellavista Treehouse Community Is 100 Percent Sustainable (Off the Grid)

Imagine a world where you wake up among the treetops; where neighbors glide door-to-door on zipline canopy "trails" and swinging vines; where fruit, vegetables and cacao are harvested on site; where fresh meals are prepared in a communal kitchen. Continue Reading »

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