How Retiring Overseas Reduces the Major Living Costs

How retiring overseas can sharply reduce the two biggest costs you're likely to face. Continue Reading »

Rental Scams: How to Avoid Being a Victim

Here are warning signs for common rental scams, and ways to ensure that you won't fall victim. Continue Reading »

Rental Scam Allegedly Bilked Dozens Out of Millions [Video]

Robert Tribble of Jupiter, Fla., is accused of making millions in rent and deposits by forging documents on foreclosed homes and representing them as his own. Continue Reading »

Renting Your Home on Airbnb: How to Reduce the Risk

The company doesn't protect credit cards, checks or any other financial instruments a criminally-minded guest might find -- much less the kind of documents that can lead to identity theft. Continue Reading »

Pot Smoking Draws Fire From Tenants, Landlords in Colorado

Colorado's legalization of marijuana reportedly is creating problems for landlords and tenants. Continue Reading »

Vacant Rentals Are at Their Lowest Availability in 12 Years

"There are a number of markets where rents continue to boom...." Continue Reading »

Gay Assisted Living Facility Seen as Filling a Growing Need

Only the second building of its kind in the United States, Spirit on Lake's backers say it fills a growing need for a generation of openly gay people. Continue Reading »

Construction Spending at Highest in More Than 4 Years

Spending on construction in November rose at the fastest rate since March 2009. Continue Reading »

Best Places to Retire Abroad in 2014

Which one of these is calling your name? Continue Reading »

It's Homeowners vs. Hoteliers for Super Bowl XLVIII Dollars

"There's a lot of hotels, businesses and commercial real estate owners who are cashing in on this event and taking the opportunity to make a buck. So, why wouldn't Joe Homeowner give it a shot?" Continue Reading »

Cleanup of Meth-Lab Homes Becomes a Growing Cottage Industry

There's little oversight of the growing industry in most states and houses that don't get cleaned put residents and even neighbors at risk. Continue Reading »

Places to Retire: 6 Money-Saving Strategies

There are several attractive alternatives to simply staying put in your home after retirement that also can reduce your cost of living. Continue Reading »

Realities of Living With a Roommate

Economic conditions are making having a roommate more attractive, but here's a hard look at some of the pros and cons of that arrangement. Continue Reading »

2013's Most Outrageous Stories in Real Estate

The real estate sector saw no shortage of bizarre and startling tales of scamming landlords, spiteful tenants, squatters, bad neighbors and "ghost hosts." Continue Reading »

Landlords Can Get Tougher on Tenants Under New Law

Among other things, the new allows landlords to evict tenants if they were in a position to prevent a crime on the property. Continue Reading »

Long-Distance Move: How to Plot One Remotely

Finding the right house or apartment is rarely easy, but it's even harder when you're conducting your search remotely. Continue Reading »

City Serves Woman Eviction Notice on Her 100th Birthday (Video)

Last year it was a 98-year-old woman in Connecticut who was served papers on her birthday, now it's a tenant of a New York apartment building. Continue Reading »

Millionaire Landlord Moves Into Crime-Plagued Community on a Mission

"I got a death threat 'cause I figured out who was dealing drugs and gave them an eviction notice." Continue Reading »

Criminal Charges Sought Against Landlord for Lack of Smoke Alarms

Three young girls were hospitalized with burns from a fire at a rental home in Oklahoma that authorities say lacked a working smoke detector. Continue Reading »

How to Avoid the Hassles of Having a Bad Roommate

Rooming with someone you don't know well –- and even someone you do –- can be a risk to your financial security and happiness, but arguably, you're much better off if you do some pre-planning before sharing living space with anyone. Continue Reading »

Holy Deduction! Judge Rejects Housing Tax Break for the Clergy

In a ruling that could have far-reaching effects nationwide, a federal judge strikes down a law that gives clergy tax-free housing allowances. Continue Reading »

5 Signs That You're Better Off Renting

How are you when it comes to making decisions, doing yardwork or putting down roots? Continue Reading »

City Where It's Now Illegal to Smoke in Your Own Home

A California city's newly imposed ban on smoking in a private residence applies to owners and renters alike, if they fall into a particular category. Continue Reading »

Landlord Tortured Tenants Into Turning Over Paychecks, Police Say

A landlord in Illinois is accused of whipping, burning and sexual abuse as part of a money-making scheme that targeted two young tenants. Continue Reading »

Micro-Apartment Movement Looks to Build Momentum Among Millennials

"It speaks to this millennial generation that's watched older siblings get handcuffed to houses during the housing crash." Continue Reading »

Destructive Tenant Reportedly Intimidates Couple Into Leaving Home

A tenant in the home of Terry and Kathy MacDonald of Golden Valley, Minn., reportedly has been so destructive and intimidating that they've fled their house to live in a hotel. And the kicker? Now they're paying him to get out. Continue Reading »

Young Adults' Mobility at Its Lowest in 50 Years

Demographers call them "Generation Wait," young adults who are delaying careers, marriage and having children because they're hindered by student debt and low-wage jobs. Continue Reading »

New Real Estate Website Unshrouds Homes' Dark Pasts

DiedInHouse is the brainchild of Roy Condrey, who says that he came up with the idea after a tenant of his complained that the property Condrey had rented him was haunted. Continue Reading »

Retirement Reboot: Upsides of Downsizing to a Rental Home

Here are 10 reasons to become a renter in retirement. Continue Reading »

Moving to a New Place: How to Know If You Can Carry the Costs

Whether you're renting or buying, having savings dedicated to home costs can be crucial to making a smart move. Continue Reading »


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