American Dream: Is Owning Your Home Still Realistic?

American Dream
In today's market is the American Dream of home ownership still alive? With rising housing costs and a challenging economy one must ask themselves, what does the American Dream mean to me today and how can I achieve it? Where can I get it?
A budget for my personal Read More » American Dream might mean a small apartment in the Big Apple, or a McMansion in the Midwest. Explore housing costs across America and AOL Real Estate's 2008 American Dream Survey to see what people are thinking about the American Dream these days and where they are finding it. Show Less »

The American Dream

unlocking house door
See results for the 2008 American Dream Housing Survey and find out if people think the American dream is still achievable. Current U.S. Opinions On:

How Much House Can You Get?

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Find out what your American Dream is going to cost in different parts of the country in today's buyers market. Find schools and neighborhood info to help in your decision.

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