Green Homes and Green Living

Green Homes  and Green Living
Nowadays it's time to think about the future and saving the planet for new generations by practicing green living. Not only does living in green homes make you feel great and help the environment, but green homes and general green living will also save you a bundle on utilities putting more cash in Read More » your pocket. It's time now to learn about earth-friendly solutions to everyday living to start making your place a green home.
Solutions range from the simple energy efficient light bulbs to lesser known secrets for green living you can learn about here: Earth-Friendly Checklist For Your Home.
Green living can be accomplished with a few easy steps like starting with using recycled materials and low odor water based paints in your green home. Conserving water is easy too, practice daily with less usage and install energy efficient appliances in your green home. You can also go with a complete overhaul and start new with green home plans. Show Less »

Green Homes, Living & Driving Green

Green Homes
Find out more about green living by starting with kitchens and baths. Green homes are just a few steps away. Find out how to get started.

City Picks for Green Living

Green Living
You'll be sure to find some green homes here or build your own green home in a great locale. These cities are top rated for environmentally friendly green living.

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