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Purchasing home insurance is one of the many steps involved with buying a home, but it's easy to feel exhausted with all the research and paperwork by the time buyers get to this step.
Yet, skimping on home insurance can be a very costly mistake. It will protect your Read More » investment and ensure you don't get stuck with a hefty repair bill you can't pay. We've compiled some guides below to help walk you through the process and help you choose a policy wisely. Show Less »

Home Insurance Basics

Home Insurance for Fire Loss
Want does home insurance cover? How much do you need? And how to choose the best agency? These comprehensive guides can help you answer these questions and make a smart decision on your home insurance policy.

Saving on Home Insurance

Home Insurance Saving
Home insurance is a necessary part of home ownership. No one wants to pay for too much coverage, but too little insurance could lead to a big problem if disaster strikes. These AOL guides will help you figure out ways to save on home insurance without cutting out necessary coverage.

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