Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing  
Getting into real estate investing can be a scary thought these days. However, if you do your research, find the right area and decide what your real estate investing approach will be, investing in real estate can be a profitable adventure. With buyers afraid to take the plunge, buying upRead More » rental properties is one approach that may work in today's market. Real estate investing can provide continued returns when you have renters living in your property. From finding the right place to live or invest, we can help with the intimidating process of real estate investing. Show Less »

Real Estate Investing: Second Homes

Real Estate Investing: Second Homes
Real estate investing for your future or your descendants can be as easy as acquiring a second or vacation home.

Real Estate Investing Stories

Read about some real world successes and challenges in the world of real estate investing.

Real Estate Investing Abroad

Real estate investing doesn't stop right around the corner. Check out some places worldwide where it's ripe for the taking and the real estate is hot!

Real Estate Investing: Foreclosures

Real Estate Investing: Foreclosures Homes
With the number of real estate owned homes rising daily, this lends a unique opportunity for real estate investors. Shop bargain bin prices for a solid real estate investment property. Foreclosures aren't necessarily what you would picture. There are many homes in good shape in nice neighborhoods just waiting, and needing a buyer. Opening your mind to these property types not only can score you a nice home, but also prove to be a goldmine for real estate investors that can quickly turn over the homes and make sales.

Investing in Short Sale Real Estate

In a short sale, the seller arranges with their mortgage lender to accept a dollar amount less than the amount they owe on the home. This type of sale can result in big savings for a buyer or real estate investor. Find out more about short sales and see if it's a good real estate investing move for you.

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