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It may be a great time for buyers who have waited patiently for sale prices to come down. Why continue to rent when you can buy a home for 10 or 20 percent less than you would have paid for a similar home just a few years ago? Our Buyer’s Market slide shows let you see what you can get across theRead More » country: for $250,000, for $150,000, for $50,000. Show Less »
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Exposing Some Common Homebuying Myths

Friendly advice can help perpetuate some of the most common homebuying myths -- especially when it comes to credit. Continue Reading »

Comparing Loan Types on a $200,000 Mortgage

Mortgages aren’t one-size-fits-all products. Loan types and lenders all have different requirements, benefits and drawbacks. Continue Reading »

Home Finance: Exploring Alternatives to the 30-Year Mortgage

From all-cash deals to 50-year loans, there are several alternatives to the standard 30-year-mortgage. Here's how to know what's best for you. Continue Reading »

Are There Best Times to Buy, Sell or List a Home?

While it may not be possible to "time" a home purchase like you can the stock market, there are some strategies to try. Continue Reading »

How Renting Out Your Home Can Help You Buy Another

One of the biggest obstacles for homebuyers is being able to show enough income, but there is a little-known lending guideline that can help seal the deal. Continue Reading »

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