Signs the Housing Recovery Has Moved Into Your Neighborhood

Housing recovery signsJust because all the talking heads are saying "housing is back!" doesn't mean everyone is buying it. There's a high degree of skepticism surrounding the housing recovery, according to a recent survey by the MacArthur Foundation. According to the survey, 77 percent of homeowners don't believe the housing crisis is over, with some saying the worst is yet to come. That hasn't stopped the overwhelming chorus of economists and housing experts chanting about the real estate market being in a full-swing recovery. So how do you know if the housing recovery is real? Well, see for yourself.

There are a number of signs just outside your front door that can tell you whether your own neighborhood is experiencing a recovery. Housing is local, after all, and just because some parts of California are experiencing a housing frenzy doesn't mean people living on the opposite coast are. Click through the gallery below to see seven signs that can tell you whether your neighborhood is being nursed back to housing health.

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