Kids Find Body Under Trailer During Game of Hide-and-Seek

crime scene tape on tree by trailer where body was found

All the fun was taken out of a game of hide-and-seek when children at a mobile home park in Bloomington, Ind., made a grim discovery under a trailer: a dead body. The four kids came across the body while playing over Memorial Day weekend, The Herald-Times in Bloomington reported. David Langley, 14, was the one who spotted the body while crouching down behind a mobile home. He looked across the way and saw two feet sticking out from under a trailer, Indianapolis station RTV6 reported.

"I'm glad he did the right thing and came and told his parents instead of just not saying nothing and letting somebody else find it," David's father, John Langley, who called police to report the discovery, told RTV6. The body was identified as that of Michael Droll, 52. The Monroe County Coroner's Office ruled Droll's death an accident, possibly by a slip-and-fall injury while the man was intoxicated.

But a cloud of mystery hangs over the incident in the mobile home park for some residents, who discount the coroner's conclusion and suspect foul play in Droll's death. Among their theories about what really happened to Droll, who was found partially clothed:

"From what I heard, he got beat with a 2-by-4," resident Larry Stancomb told RTV6.

"From what they [police] said, I think it was foul play," said another.

"He looked like a pretty good size boy -- no one person's gonna put him up there [under the mobile home]," said neighbor Dave Terrell.

While authorities insist that they do not yet see it as a criminal case, residents of that small, mobile-home community still wait for a clearer picture of what happened.

In another recent case involving the discovery of a cadaver, it wasn't the suspicion of foul play but a foul odor that confounded a community earlier this month. It took several days for the smell of death at a St. Louis apartment complex to be traced to a resident who died there three weeks earlier, and the lingering odor was leading many there to consider moving.

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