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The 11 Questions You Need to Ask Before Signing a Lease

There are important questions you should ask before signing an apartment rental lease, which is a legally binding document. Continue Reading

Found a Job? Next, New Grads Must Find an Affordable Home

Diploma and first job in hand, many recent college graduates face another challenge when they try to find an affordable apartment. Continue Reading

How to Handle Living in a Community With a HOA

Here are seven tips for making life in a community governed by a homeowners association go smoothly. Continue Reading

Renters Feeling the Pinch in Least Affordable U.S. Markets

In Los Angeles, renters spend an average of 48.2% of their monthly income on rent. It isn't pretty in San Francisco or New York, either. Continue Reading

Want to Rent an Apartment? Don't Forget Your Pet's Resume

Landlords in tight housing markets such as San Francisco are increasingly asking to see your pet's resume -- and they're not joking. Continue Reading

What to Know if You Need to Break Your Lease

Life happens. Jobs happen. Love happens. Here's what to do to avoid losing a lot of money if you need to move before your lease ends. Continue Reading

Rents Are Rising, and Not Only in Pricey San Francisco

It's not just skyrocketing San Francisco or always-astronomical New York. See the unexpected places where rents are rising. Continue Reading

6 Things to Know Before You Become a Landlord

Renting out your home or apartment can earn extra income, but you need to know about local laws, insurance and screening tenants. Continue Reading

25 Best Holiday Gifts for Renters

Searching for the perfect gift for the apartment-dweller in your life? Consider compact items that improve efficiency. Continue Reading

Picking a Landlord You Can Live With

Should you rent a home owned by an individual landlord or an apartment managed by a large company? Continue Reading

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