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Justin Bieber Settles Into Swank New Rental, Trouble Ensues

Justin Bieber reportedly needed a second condo unit not only for more space for himself, but also his entourage. Continue Reading

Texts Between Tenants and Landlords: New Legal Territory

As texting becomes more ubiquitous it's raising questions about whether texting information between landlord and tenant is legally binding. Continue Reading

Tips on Sharing Rental Costs With a Roommate

If your roommate isn't reliable when it comes to making payments, it could end up costing you. Continue Reading

Want to Just Stop Paying Your Rent? There's a Price to Pay

It's common knowledge you can get kicked out of your rental if you fail to pay the rent, but that might be just the start of your troubles. Continue Reading

'Shopping' for a Roommate? 4 Essentials to Avoid Conflict

To avoid a headache and potential financial disaster, follow these guidelines when "shopping" for your next roomie. Continue Reading

Realities of Today's Rental Market

Here are a few things you need to know about the challenges of looking for a home in today's volatile rental market. Continue Reading

7 Key Steps to Renting Your First Apartment

This step-by-step guide can help you navigate the search for that perfect first place. Continue Reading

Renters' Common and Costly Mistakes

Choosing the wrong apartment can be an expensive mistake. Here's a look at how new and seasoned tenants can navigate the sometimes confusing rental process. Continue Reading

How to Know When You Need a Rental Broker

While it's not necessary to work with a rental broker to land an apartment, it can certainly make hunting easier in some cities. Continue Reading

How to Find Rentals Accepting Large Dogs

"A lot of the places that bill themselves as pet-friendly have restrictions about types of dogs they will accept." Continue Reading

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