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10 Best Cities for Your Social Life

If you hate staying home and wish you could go out every night of the week, then you might want to consider living in these cities. Coldwell Banker took a look at some of the trendiest places in the country and narrowed their list of the "Best Places to Live for Social Seekers" down to a hoppin' Top 10. The real estate... Continue Reading »

Did Jets' Loss to Steelers 'Steal' Super Bowl Rental Booty?

Who is going to spend $22,000 to lease a home just for Super Bowl weekend? Joseph Mannino, apparently. The New York-area businessman -- he is the senior vice president of sales for the Collegebound Network -- was planning on a pricey, but fun-filled weekend in Dallas on February 6. "We had a group of ten guys all ready... Continue Reading »

Texas Super Bowl Rentals: Royal Rip Off?

Hundreds of North Texans are looking forward to windfall real estate profits leasing their home to strangers during Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, Tex., next month. From an affordable $1,000 per night for an ordinary 3-bedroom, 2-bath only five miles from Cowboys Stadium -- "Can almost walk!" -- to a $1.2 million Highland... Continue Reading »

Dallas Homes Not Scoring on Super Bowl Rentals

I'm not going to lie and tell you the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth area is not head-over-heels thrilled to be hosting the Super Bowl on February 6. But some homeowners out here may be disappointed by what they net out of renting their Dallas homes to out-of-town visitors. Months ago, one of Dallas's hottest party... Continue Reading »

Northern Virginia's Crystal City Gets New Life

In a county known for attracting young professionals to neighborhoods with its vibrant development on Washington D.C.'s Metro corridors, Arlington, Va. planners are hoping a facelift will help a 40-year-old, mixed-use development known as Crystal City compete with the upstarts. The county is floating a plan to redevelop... Continue Reading »

Washington, D.C. Housing Inventory Down

Is it a sign of a healthy housing market when homeowners choose to rent out their houses rather than sell because they can't get what they paid for them just five years ago? According to a recent Washington Post article, it is. The Post's Dina ElBoghdady tells us that inventory is down, and prices are up in the D.C. area,... Continue Reading »

Fantastic or Fanatic? Football Fan Goes Cowboys Crazy at Home

A Dallas area man is so psyched about the upcoming Superbowl XLV in Texas next year, he's designed his entire home around America's Team. Stoney Kersh is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan who says he's loved America's team since the day he was born. So intense a fan, in fact, that he "lives" with the Cowboys: Every inch of his... Continue Reading »

Why Chase Turned Me Down

It's understandable why a bank might not want to to refinance a home that is underwater, or where the owner can't show enough income to justify the rate. But what about a perfectly normal mortgage? The New York Times had a recent piece about otherwise qualified homeowners who try to refinance their mortgages at today's... Continue Reading »

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