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  • Home Prices Heat Up in May as Pace of Gains Cools

    Home Sales Fall Short

    The pace of single-family home sales in May slowed from the month before and were less than forecast. Continue Reading

  • How to Owe More on Your Mortgage? Get a Loan Mod

    How to Owe More on Your Mortgage? Get a Loan Mod

    Wait, aren't loan modifications supposed to provide financial relief? Yes – if you consider a teaser mortgage rate to be a bargain. A new report finds that seven in every ten borrowers who have received a change in their mortgage in order to forestall foreclosure actually now owe more in principal than... Continue Reading

  • Picketing the Fat Cats

    Picketing the Fat Cats

    Is consumer frustration with the slow pace of loan modifications finally becoming more than silent resentment? If Monday's protest at the New York offices of JPMorgan Chase is any indication, the answer might be yes. With a little goading from the president, who on Sunday called America's bank presidents "fat... Continue Reading