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The Pink House, in Belvedere, Calif., on Sale for First Time in 20 Years (House of the Day)

Views this spectacular aren't easy to come by. And when you can experience them from a seven bedroom, six bathroom, 7,776 sq ft. mansion, they don't come cheap, either. For $11.75 million, you can own "The Pink House" in Belvedere, Calif., which the listing calls one of the most "authentic examples of the Mission... Continue Reading »

Couple Tears Down $4.2 Million Manse for a Better View

When is a $19 million 11,200-square-foot mansion with a "resort-style health club," a 60-foot pool and 5,000 square feet of stone terraces not enough? When the view is partially obstructed by the $4.2 million mansion next door. The solution? Tear down the house next door. That's what Clark and Sharon Winslow of... Continue Reading »

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