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The World's Most Expensive Buildings

By Meredith Galante Real estate may be expensive, but sometimes the buildings constructed on top of that land are far pricier. Construction started last year on Yongsan Landmark Tower in downtown Seoul, South Korea, which is expected to cost a record-breaking $3.43 billion to build. But there are lots of other pricey... Continue Reading »

Chinese Firm Plans to Build World's Tallest Building, and Fast

The world's most towering skyscrapers have usually taken years to build, but one Chinese company thinks it only needs a fraction of that time to erect what could soon be the world's tallest building. Hunan-based Broad Sustainable Building wants to erect a 2,750-foot-tall tower in Changsha -- in only 90 days. The... Continue Reading »

India Plans World's Tallest Residential Tower

India is emerging as a global economic power, with a rising middle and wealthy class with money to burn, which is good news for Lodha Developers, a Mumbai company about to break ground on the world's tallest residential tower -- and, no doubt, one of the city's priciest real estate offerings. With 117 stories, the... Continue Reading »

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