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  • Lightbulbs: Make an Enlightened Choice

    Lightbulbs: Make an Enlightened Choice

    Lightbulbs in their many forms have become a hot topic in recent years. But deciding which to buy and for use can be daunting. Currently there are four types of bulbs -- incandescent, compact fluorescent (known as CFL), halogen and light-emitting diode (LED) . Each differs greatly, so we'll illuminate you... Continue Reading

  • Obama:

    Obama: "Sexy" Homes Could Stimulate Economy

    If R28 insulation and CFLs get you all hot and bothered, you're not alone. Turns out President Obama also finds energy efficient home remodeling to be titillating, reports USA Today. As climate talks draw to an end in Copenhagen, Obama visited a suburban Home Depot--perhaps the least sensual setting on the... Continue Reading