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The Pink House, in Belvedere, Calif., on Sale for First Time in 20 Years (House of the Day)

Views this spectacular aren't easy to come by. And when you can experience them from a seven bedroom, six bathroom, 7,776 sq ft. mansion, they don't come cheap, either. For $11.75 million, you can own "The Pink House" in Belvedere, Calif., which the listing calls one of the most "authentic examples of the Mission... Continue Reading »

A Custom-Built Mansion in Riverside, Calif. (House of the Day)

Ever had the need for a bank vault in your home? No? Oh, guess that's why this place isn't selling. As it turns out, living in a completely customized house might be super cool for you, but not necessarily for anyone else. This 14,500-square-foot "palatial" home sitting on 10 acres in Riverside, Calif., has a... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Pixar Founder's 'Incredible' Home

Edwin Catmull, president of Walt Disney Animation Studios and of Pixar Animation Studios, is selling his Georgian Colonial estate near San Francisco. This "Incredible" 8,864-square-foot home in the community of Kentfield, Calif., sits on 2/3-acre, fully fenced lot and was completely rebuilt in 2000 by architect Steve... Continue Reading »

Los Angeles Insider: Santa Monica Voice Coach Alise Richel

Name, Age, Occupation: Alise Richel. I stopped counting. Singer/voice coach. Neighborhood: Santa Monica, Calif. Abode: One-bedroom guesthouse. I could get more space for the rent, but I want to sing and have students come over and this space allows me to do that. How long have you lived in Santa Monica? Two years. What... Continue Reading »

Small Towns with Big Personalities

Ready to leave the rat-race behind in favor of some small town charm? Budget Travel magazine has you covered. They've just published a list of America's coolest small towns, and there's truly a little something for everyone. Whether you're into surfing in California, crawfishing in Louisiana, or bicycling in Idaho, you... Continue Reading »

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