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Michael Jordan Buys Massive North Carolina Home For a Great Deal (PHOTOS)

NBA legend Michael Jordan is best known for scoring on the basketball court, but these days he's netting a lot more than three-pointers. Jordan's a pro in real estate, too, it seems -- because he's just gotten a huge deal on his second home in the Charlotte, N.C., area. The b-ball star and Charlotte Bobcats owner bought... Continue Reading »

Nicholas Brody's 'Homeland' House Is Actually Vicki Tetreault's North Carolina Home

Medical transcriber Vicki Tetreault's Charlotte, N.C., home is special to her -- but she never imagined how much it would be to everyone else. As fate would have it, her house would become one of the most recognizable in the country, gracing millions of television screens as Nicholas Brody's house on Showtime's... Continue Reading »

Home Prices Decline Third Month in a Row

There are no signs yet of a bottom to this housing mess as national home prices decline three straight months in a row, down 5.8 percent quarter over quarter, according to a report released today. Although the national home price declines have slowed, Clear Capital's November 2010 Home Data Index shows that 13 of the Top... Continue Reading »

Last Cup of Joe for Charlotte Landmark

Michael Moore's film Capitalism: A Love Story hits theatres on Friday. The film explores our national credit crisis and how this had a domino effect with ills of all sorts, including the increasing foreclosure problem nationwide. It is fitting to expose another victim of greed and the credit crunch: an historic Charlotte,... Continue Reading »

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