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Michelle Hansen Tags Home With Message to Chase Bank: You're 'Stealing' My House

Cases of homeowners struggling against their banks to fend off foreclosure are a dime a dozen these days. But Michelle Hansen of Aurora, Colo., is upping the ante against JPMorgan Chase, which she says is refusing to grant her a loan modification after she became delinquent on her mortgage. What's her tactic? She's using... Continue Reading »

Surprise! Chase Is Refinancing Your Mortgage

By Les Christie While millions of struggling homeowners have had to jump through all sorts of hoops trying to refinance their mortgages, Michelle and Bob Irwin barely had to lift a finger. This summer, the couple received a letter from JPMorgan Chase, their mortgage servicer, informing them that it was going to slash... Continue Reading »

Chase Bank Offering No Doc Refis, Principal Reduction

By Jon Prior JPMorgan Chase went from fast-tracking foreclosures to rubber stamping and pre-approving some borrowers for refinances and even principal reduction. The five largest mortgage servicers signed a $25 billion deal with federal prosecutors and 49 state attorneys general in March to settle foreclosure abuses and... Continue Reading »

Disabled Vet Gordon Kouba Says Chase Bank Dishonestly Offered Him Special VA Loan

A disabled veteran says Chase Bank told him that it would grant him a special VA loan to buy a house -- then rescinded the offer, saying it never offered that type of loan to begin with. Now the Chicago-area man could soon be homeless. Gordon Kouba (pictured at left), 43, of Grayslake, Ill., is a former Marine who... Continue Reading »

Bank of America Mortgage Mistakes, Part 5

A New Jersey man has finally gotten resolution from Bank of America, which 'lost' the man's mortgage payment, causing creditors to harass him and very likely trashing his credit rating. All this, despite the fact that the man had records of his cancelled check being cashed by BofA! First the bank nabbed a parrot in a... Continue Reading »

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