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7 Major Cities Where Rents Are Now Below Average

ShutterstockWhile the national average for a rental apartment hoovers around $1,200 a month, in Las Vegas it's $993. By Donna Fuscaldo These days, $1,000 isn't going to get you a lot in the current rental market. The national average for a rental apartment hoovers around $1,200 thanks to limited inventory and... Continue Reading »

Frank Lloyd Wright's Tonkens House in Cincinnati Hits Market for First Time

Here's your chance to own a piece of architectural history: Iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright's famed Gerald B. Tonkens House in Cincinnati has just hit the market -- for the very first time ever, Zillow reported. Built in 1955, the home is a rare Wright masterpiece, and it's asking $1.788 million. Other Wright homes... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Tours, Big Discounts Sell Homes in the Midwest

In vacation home meccas such as California, Florida and Las Vegas -- where foreclosure numbers soared during the housing meltdown -- real estate agents have been employing a new sales tactic: foreclosure bus tours. Next stop? Cincinnati. According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, the trend -- in which Realtors organize... Continue Reading »

HUD Grants $2Bil to Repair Nabes and Knock Down Homes

What's a city supposed to do when foreclosures tally into the thousands and streets are glutted with far more empty, falling-apart houses than people willing to live in them? For a growing number of cities, a big part of the answer is: knock 'em down. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded $2... Continue Reading »

Cincinnati-Dayton Merger Could be Boon for Home Prices

The 2010 census may re-classify Cincinnati-Dayton - another tangle of commercial sprawl grown together - as one urban area. Following in the steps of Minneapolis-St.Paul and Dallas-Ft.Worth, Cincinnati-Dayton could function as one cohesive area. Should the area ready itself for increased economic opportunities and... Continue Reading »

Gentrification Wars: Cincinnati Metropole

Here's the hard truth: in order to "clean up" a section of town there will be collateral damage. For some, damage arrives in the removal of affordable housing options for low and moderate-income individuals. This can hurt renters of limited means. The fight is on right now in the city of Cincinnati. Residents of the... Continue Reading »

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