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Matt Feeney Finds His Denver Home Was Owned by Notorious Smaldone Mob Family and Rigged to Burn

A Denver man renovating his 1891 Victorian home reportedly discovered a very dangerous past behind its walls. He said that he found rows of matches intertwined with wires buried behind the plaster, so that it would be easy to burn the house down. But who would do such a thing? Well, how about Denver's most notorious... Continue Reading »

Hottest Markets: 10 Cities Where Homes Sell the Fastest

For the past few years, you've probably been told that being a homeseller is one of the worst positions to be in. But it's not so bad now. Homes are selling faster in the majority of U.S. markets than they were a year ago, according to data recently released by Ten areas in particular are sweet spots if... Continue Reading »

Peyton Manning's $5 Million Denver Mansion Comes Fully Loaded

Peyton Manning is moving to Denver! Well, we already knew that, but now we know what his new house will look like. According to, the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback spent $4.575 million on a home in the ritzy Cherry Hills Village. The home has 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and offers 16,464 square feet... Continue Reading »

Denver HOA Looks to Ban Sidewalk Chalk Art

Well, there goes hopscotch. Children in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver may soon lose a beloved summertime activity if the homeowners association there is successful in its attempt to ban sidewalk chalk art, Denver's CBS 4 reports. Citing complaints from neighbors, the HOA said the chalk art potentially offends,... Continue Reading »

Best Cities for Sports Fans

Not all cities are created equal, and some cities are certainly better than others when it comes to sports. The more major league sports teams a city has, the more a it has to offer to those who love the game. Additionally, the more successful a team, the happier its fans become. With this in mind, 24/7 Wall St. set out... Continue Reading »

The 11 Markets Where Homes Sell Fastest

California metros dominated a list of 11 fast-moving real estate markets in July, reported property search site released a list of metros with the lowest median age of inventory at the site -- a measurement of how long a property from a given metro area typically spends on the site. Denver, which... Continue Reading »

Colorado Says No to Foreclosure-Prevention Bill

Every Republican on a Colorado House committee voted no last week to a bill that was to provide housing counseling and foreclosure-prevention services to families trying to hold on to their homes; while at the nation's capital mortgage servicers agreed to do better by homeowners facing foreclosure across the nation. The... Continue Reading »

Beantown for Bachelorettes

Should Carrie Bradshaw and her gal pals pack their bags and move to Boston? Yes, according to, which just released its 2010 list of the top 10 cities for single women. Boston tops the list, followed by Washington DC, New York City, Seattle, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Denver, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and... Continue Reading »

Are Appraisals the New Organized Crime?

Greedy appraisers, who put lofty valuations on properties to please lenders and line their pockets, played a large role in the housing bubble. And the fallout continues: On Jan. 29, a former Beverly Hills real estate appraiser was sentenced to three years in federal prison for her role in a multimillion-dollar scheme to... Continue Reading »

Developments with That Hip-Factor

Are developers finally getting hip to what renters want? Today, The New York Times reported on Philadelphia's Piazza at Schmidts (left), a mixed-use rental community with some enviable amenities. Developer Bart Blatstein - who prior to this had been building strip malls - turned a former brewery outside Philly's Center... Continue Reading »

Chicago Stressed Out, Miami Super Chill

Maybe it was losing the Olympic bid to Rio. Or, maybe it was the Jay Cutler's performance against the Atlanta Falcons. Either way, Chicago came out as the most stressed city in a recent survey by Harris Interactive. Maybe they need to go to Rio and chill for a while ... nah. We might have predicted Detroit or Las Vegas,... Continue Reading »

Smart Cities on a Dumb List

The Daily Beast has mad social smarts. No one but Tina Brown, the site's masterful editor in chief would dare publish a survey of America's "smartest" and "dumbest" cities. But Brown thinks she can outrun the tidal wave of criticism you'd expect when you rank New York no. 13 and Raleigh-Durham, N.C. the smartest place in... Continue Reading »

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