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The Renters' Guide to Tipping

"When I sold my house and moved into my apartment," says Lydia Morgan, an enthusiastic renter in Chicago, "I loved not worrying about the foundation of my home. I have a great landlord, and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation to her but I wasn't sure what was appropriate." While renting your home does get you... Continue Reading »

New York's Googling Doormen: It's Getting Creepy

Knock, knock. Who's there? The doorman. The doorman who? The doorman who's tweeting about this terrible joke. The exchange above is no laughing matter, and some tenants in New York City are finding their relationships with their doormen just as unfunny. That's because some of those men and women who faithfully open doors,... Continue Reading »

New York City Doormen Threaten Strike

New York city's 30,000 doormen and porters are in the midst of negotiating their new union contract this week. Talks resume March 17, and if no agreement is reached, residents in some 3,200 of New York's apartment buildings may find themselves hauling their own dry cleaning and Tibetan delivery up from the lobby. Jerry... Continue Reading »

Virtual Doormen Safer Than the Real Deal

It might have less cache, but not having a traditional doorman could actually mean your apartment building's more secure. According to The New York Times, a new virtual-doorman service is gaining popularity in luxury New Jersey apartment buildings and might have you second-guessing the need for the old-school uniformed... Continue Reading »

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