Emergency Homeowners Loan Program - Articles

Home Loan Help for Jobless in Jeopardy

Thousands of potentially eligible homeowners may be left out of a $1 billion Department of Housing and Urban Development program that provides interest-free loans to the unemployed because of documentation and timing problems. The Dodd-Frank Act required HUD to develop the Emergency Homeowners Loan Program. Unemployed... Continue Reading »

Unemployed Mortgage Assistance Program Extended

The Department of Housing and Urban Development will begin taking applications again for a new program providing interest-free loans to unemployed borrowers struggling with their mortgage payments. Under the Dodd-Frank Act authority, HUD launched the $1 billion Emergency Homeowners Loan Program in June. Unemployed... Continue Reading »

Cutoff Date for Relief Loan Applications Fast Approaching

Washington is acting to rescue tens of thousands of beleaguered homeowners by offering interest-free loans, some of which will ultimately be "forgiven" if borrowers follow the rules. But the pre-screening deadline for applicants is July 22, so interested homeowners must move fast. Click here to get started. Coming out of... Continue Reading »

Unemployed Homeowners: EHLP Is on the Way

Being unemployed took its toll quickly on Sharon Greene, a single mother of three and Philadelphia homeowner. Greene was already struggling to stay current on her mortgage when the news hit. The security company that employed her for the past 8 years had just laid her off, and the bills were piling up. Then the notice... Continue Reading »

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