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Utility Bills: How to Estimate Costs for a New Home

After a winter like the one we've just had, a lot of people are fed up with utility bills. The most recent forecasts from the U.S. Energy Information Administration put the cost of home heating for 2011 at $2,400 if you heat with oil--a 26% increase over last year. On average, U.S. households can expect to shell out about... Continue Reading »

Adding Home Insulation to Your Rental

Did you fall in love with the character of a charming, old apartment without thinking about how hard it will be to keep warm in the colder months? Older buildings are adored for their unique architectural features, but they often lack the insulation and tightly sealed windows and doors of newer buildings. It is said that... Continue Reading »

Top 5 Home Improvement Projects for Fall

Of all the home improvement projects Hyedi Cribben and her boyfriend had on their to-do list, building a patio was one project they were looking forward to completing so that they could it enjoy it during the summer months. So why then did they get started in the fall? "No one likes to do that kind of work in hot... Continue Reading »

The Greener the House, the Quicker the Sale

Green living is more popular than ever, and playing up a home's green features can make all the difference when it comes to making a sale. To be competitive and to ensure you get the best price possible for your home, it makes sense to assess its sustainable, energy-saving features right along with traditional highlights... Continue Reading »

Energy-Efficient Home Improvements for Every Budget

It's easy to give homeowners tips on home improvements that increase energy efficiency -- without considering the budgets available to different homeowners. On an individual, national, and international level, there can be no green revolution without a cost-effective strategy. As a homeowner, you need to devote a... Continue Reading »

Insulation at Home Saves Money

Raymond Yoder of Indianapolis, Ind. learned his lesson in home insulation the hard way. "It was cheaper to buy one of the new model homes without insulation. We figured we'd save the cash," Yoder says. That was in 1954. He has since moved from that home but not before, he admits, adding a lot more insulation to keep his... Continue Reading »

Connecticut Green Building Runs on Giant Fuel Cell

Big and green don't usually work together when building an eco-friendly apartment building. That's why 360 State Street in New Haven, Conn., is grabbing some headlines. When done right, high-density urban development is actually greener than suburban sprawl. Indeed, the multi-use property at 360 is something of a pioneer... Continue Reading »

Energy Efficiency Loans Lose the Backing of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Homeowners looking for a hand with energy efficiency just got dealt a big blow – and the fallout could affect everyone looking to take out a mortgage. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the federal regulator that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced this week that it will not permit homeowners with... Continue Reading »

Lightbulbs: Make an Enlightened Choice

Lightbulbs in their many forms have become a hot topic in recent years. But deciding which to buy and for use can be daunting. Currently there are four types of bulbs -- incandescent, compact fluorescent (known as CFL), halogen and light-emitting diode (LED) . Each differs greatly, so we'll illuminate you further.... Continue Reading »

Los Angeles' Model Green Home: How Green Is Yours?

Typically in California, we retrofit houses for earthquake protection. Now a new business Residential Energy Assessment Services is retrofitting houses to make them more energy efficient and "green." Clever business model, especially in this market. To demonstrate what they can do for your house, the firm worked with... Continue Reading »

Stylish Energy Monitors Save Money (and Look Good!)

Home devices that keep track of your energy consumption have gone from archaic-looking to mod and sleek, as spotted in Springwise. Not only do the creative concepts look cool, but these products -- some starting around $50-- which are not only conceptually creative but they might even shave some dollars off your monthly... Continue Reading »

Download Your Next House For Free

Stock house plans are as American as apple pie. Andrew Jackson Downing and Alexander Jackson Davis's publication of the pattern book "Cottage Residences" in the mid-19th century, for example, fueled the first nationwide romance for suburban living. And now, approximately 30 percent of all American homes are built from... Continue Reading »

LEDs Find Their Way Home

A study published yesterday by Osram, a German Lighting company, proves once and for all that LED bulbs and lamps require less energy to manufacture than incandescent bulbs. And the differences don't stop there: While incandescent bulbs last 1000-2000 hours, LEDs have a lifespan of 25,000 hours, and can reduce energy bills... Continue Reading »

Europe Begins Ban on Bulb, We Applaud

Does what happen in Brussels stay in Brussels? Restrictions on the import and sale of incandescent bulbs went into effect across most of Europe recently. The mission is to save energy and combat global warming. Retailers are selling off their stock of traditional bulbs until they run out, says the New York Times. Could a... Continue Reading »

Set the Mood with this Remote-Controlled LED Light Bulb

Queue up the mojo music on your iPod. Remember that romance'n ambiance from yesterday's dimmed lights? Current LEDs... eh, not so much. Now, finally, you set the mood with an energy-efficient light bulb. Continue Reading »

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