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Flood Insurance Premiums Still Cresting Despite New Law

#fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-818558{display:none;} .cke_show_borders #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-818558, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-818558{width:570px;height:411px;display:block;} By David B. Caruso JERSEY SHORE, Pa. -- This small, central Pennsylvania river town doesn't have beach... Continue Reading »

Bill Could Stem Tide of Flood Insurance Premiums for Some

Shutterstock By Andrew Taylor WASHINGTON -- Homeowners worried that new federal flood maps will send their flood insurance premiums skyrocketing would get some short-term relief under a provision tucked into a massive government-wide funding bill. But other changes to the federal flood insurance program, including higher... Continue Reading »

Move to Delay Flood-Insurance Changes Falters in Congress

Mel Evans/The Associated Press By Andrew Taylor WASHINGTON -- Efforts to delay implementation of changes in the federal flood insurance program have run into roadblocks on both sides of Capitol Hill. The leaders of the House Financial Services Committee say they are standing behind last year's bipartisan legislation to... Continue Reading »

A Year After Sandy: Jersey Shore Horror Stories Continue

APCars sit on empty lot in Ortley Beach, N.J. where houses once stood. By Daniel Nee Patch.com Nearly a year to the day their homes were destroyed, they came one-by-one to the microphone – still displaced, and begging for someone to help. They were people who thought they had done the right thing. They paid their... Continue Reading »

Many Hurricane Sandy Victims Getting Shortchanged on Flood Insurance

Alamy By DAVID B. CARUSO NEW YORK -- Many homeowners who got slammed by Superstorm Sandy are finding their flood insurance checks are nowhere near large enough to cover their repairs, and consumer advocates put some of the blame on errors by the multitude of adjusters who were hired in a hurry after the disaster. They... Continue Reading »

FEMA to Cover Hurricane Sandy Home Repairs in New York

Federally-paid contractors will do basic repairs so tens of thousands of New York victims of Hurricane Sandy can stay in or return to their damaged homes during major work, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and federal officials announced Wednesday. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is offering new, supplemental aid aimed at... Continue Reading »

Hurricane Sandy: What To Do If Insurance Claim Is Rejected

By Mandi Woodruff Hurricane Sandy is expected to cost a staggering $50 billion, with as many as 200,000 claims for wind damage and 20,000 claims for flood damage filed by consumers. The sooner those claims are filed the better, but that doesn't necessarily mean everyone will get what they ask for. One of the... Continue Reading »

The Renter's Guide to Holiday Safety

The holiday season can be one of the happiest of the year, but holiday safety is paramount. The U.S. Fire Administration and FEMA warn that the most home fires and fire-related injuries are reported during the holidays. Crime also has a way of going up during the holiday season: Perhaps the idea of the big man in red... Continue Reading »

Nashville Flood Relief Comes From Affordable Housing Group

The city of Nashville is taking matters into its own hands when it comes to helping residents recover from the devastating floods this past May, offering residents a number of options to obtain additional funding to repair and rebuild. "Because this was a 1,000-year flood event, the waters reached homes well outside the... Continue Reading »

Congress Lets Flood Insurance Program Expire

The Senate left for spring recess without extending the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), leaving homebuyers in flood-prone areas in limbo. The expiration of the program comes just as a rush of buyers are expected to try and finalize home purchases to take advantage of tax credits before the incentives themselves... Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Protect Your Home From Mudslides

Over the weekend many residents in La Canada Flintridge, Calif., missed the Superbowl because they were helping neighbors clear out property and dig for belongings after damage caused by mudslides. Los Angeles County Fire Battalion Chief Mike Brown said the weekend's devastation was the worst he had seen in his 20 years of... Continue Reading »

FEMA Drowns Millions of Homeowners in Flood Insurance Premiums

From the kind folks who brought you the Katrina debacle (OK, OK, I know! Mother Nature gave us the hurricane that wiped out New Orleans. But it was the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, that largely gave us the debacle part!) now comes a new act that has millions of home owners up in arms -- if not yet water. Many... Continue Reading »

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