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Stranded Hurricane Sandy Survivor Leaves Farewell Message in Evacuated Home

A young man who was swept from his Jersey Shore home by Hurricane Sandy managed to find refuge in an evacuated house, then scrawled a heart-rending message to his father there in the hope that it would be found in case he died. The note by the man, identified only as Mike, has made waves across social media and... Continue Reading »

South Carolina Homeowner Says Facebook Photos Show Teens Broke Into Home, Threw Party

A homeowner alerted police when he reportedly found pictures posted on Facebook of his daughter's teenage classmates partying in his house. The 39-year-old homeowner in Tega Cay, S.C., who wished to remain anonymous as to not embarrass his children, told WCNC-TV in nearby Charlotte that the party happened when his entire... Continue Reading »

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Refinances Mortgage Loan Down to 1%

Mortgage rates have fallen to record lows. But if you're in the market for a home loan, you're going to have a tough time matching the deal that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg got on his mortgage. Like millions of Americans have done in recent years, Zuckerberg decided to refinance his mortgage. But according to... Continue Reading »

'Zen' Again: Ryan Phillippe's Hollywood Estate Back on Market

Actor Ryan Phillippe has re-listed his Hollywood Hills home for $6.995 million. He purchased the home, called "Raising Zen," in 2008 after his divorce from actress Reese Witherspoon, but tried unsuccessfully to sell the house in 2010. Phillippe listed the home for $7.45 million but took it off the market in 2011 when it... Continue Reading »

'Casa Facebook' Recalls Scrappy, Freewheeling Visionaries

By L.A. Chung It is on a day like Friday, with Facebook's share sales heading towards $16 billion that Los Altos landlord Judy Fusco might have been wishing that she asked for Mark Zuckerberg's $5,500 a-month rent in stock, instead. But in September 2004, she was just trying to recoup the $1 million she had sunk into... Continue Reading »

'Facebook Effect': Palo Alto Home Prices Up, Inventory Down

Mark Zuckerberg may have been content renting a modest bungalow, but chances are the coming wave of Facebook millionaires have something more grand in mind. At least that's the thinking behind the so-called "Facebook effect"-- the anticipated demand for high-end housing following the company's May IPO. Since the beginning... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Contemporary Angles on Arizona's Desert

There's no better way to kick off a dreary Monday morning than with a sweet slice of real estate -- and we can't find anything sweeter than this 10,187-square-foot stunner on Happy Valley Road in Scottsdale, Ariz. Located on just under 4½ acres of lush desert, this rare contemporary features seven large bedrooms,... Continue Reading »

Your Facebook Status: Foreclosed

Foreclosure via Facebook? With roughly 4 million foreclosures in the pipeline in this country, some legal experts say it's just a matter of time until lenders win the right to serve foreclosure documents through the giant social network. That day has already come for one couple in Australia. When they defaulted on a... Continue Reading »

Mark Zuckerberg Finally Buys a House

From Huffington Post: After years of renting notoriously spartan homes, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg finally has a house to call his own. According to the Silicon Valley Mercury News, Zuckerberg has purchased a $7 million Palo Alto estate that features 5 bedrooms, a saltwater pool, and over 5,000 square feet of... Continue Reading »

Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner Breaks Record with $100M Manse

Yuri Milner, the venture capitalist who helped put Facebook on the map, has invested $100 million in his own start-up of sorts – a 25,500 square-foot mansion in Los Altos, Calif. The purchase marks the highest known price paid for a single-family home in the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal. You may have... Continue Reading »

Mark Zuckerberg Rents Home (Again!)

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder and CEO, is learning that privacy is more of an ideal than a reality, even if he moves to a relatively modest new rental home. The 26-year-old Zuckerberg moved recently -- a whole seven blocks away from his old rental home -- into a slightly larger, moderately more expensive, but most... Continue Reading »

Rent Mark Zuckerberg's Former Home

Many jaws were agape when they learned that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (pictured left) rented a modest 2,350-square-foot home (pictured below) rather than owning a palatial estate, as HousingWatch reported. Perhaps that was too much pressure, as it seems the subject of the hit movie The Social Network has now... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on HousingWatch This Week

Tennis aces, quarterbacks, supermodels, pop singers, country stars ... they're all on the move this week. See who's selling, who's buying, and which surprising celeb is actually (gulp) renting! It's all here on HousingWatch. 1. Roddick and Decker Fleeing $3.6M Spread Tennis champ Andy Roddick has just put his Texas... Continue Reading »

Why Facebook's Billionaire Founder Rents

What kind of a billionaire tech genius rents? Apparently the Mark Zuckerberg kind. So when recent news hit that Facebook founder and "The Social Network" subject Zuckerberg rents a month-to-month apartment in Palo Alto, Calif. many observers were puzzled. After all, Bill Gates paid over $1 million just in 2009 property... Continue Reading »

Make Facebook Your Friend When Buying a House

Looking at listings from the comfort of your Facebook account can be pretty convenient when house hunting, especially when you've befriended several brokers and added them to your social network. Following brokers on Twitter to find out about the latest properties in a hash-tagged region, and their sweet amenities that... Continue Reading »

Home-Sale Hardball: What Works Now

If you need to sell a house that's underwater, the last thing you want to do is shell out a realtor fee that's going to cut into your loss even more. But doing an FSBO in this market means a lot more than sticking a sign on your lawn and listing a few open houses in the local paper. You need to be persistent, networked... Continue Reading »

How Not to Tell 175 Million People About Your House Party

If there are roughly 175 million people on Facebook, then posting an invite for a house party as a public event on the social media site is probably not a good idea. Poor Rachel Ross learned she should have modified the Facebook security option for "friends" or even "friends of friends" the hard way -- after her parents'... Continue Reading »

Rent My Twitter Feed

Your sneaky friends might soon be paid to send you marketing tweets, at least if the companies mentioned in The New York Times have their way. It would work like this: you're going along your normal business as a RentedSpaces Twitter follower or Facebook fan. Suddenly, you get an advertising message from a trusted... Continue Reading »

Your Next Landlord a Flower Child?

Newsweek reports that the Boomer generation is scooping up housing at reduced rates. Why not? Home prices are sinking and mortgage rates are low. It's the perfect time to snag that vacation home or retirement dwelling. Could a Baby Boomer wind up being your next landlord? Quiet possibly. Newsweek states that "roughly one... Continue Reading »

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