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20 Most Expensive and Cheapest Markets for Foreclosures

There's a reason it's often the privileged who are flitting off to beach homes along the sandy coast of California: It's really expensive to own a home near the ocean. (Location, location, location comes with a high price, after all.) So you think you'd be able to afford the same lifestyle if you bought a beachside... Continue Reading »

10 Areas With Zero Foreclosures in the Last Year

Though the number of foreclosures nationwide is finally coming down, they still remain a stain on local housing markets and a reminder of the bust that ravaged the country. It's been such a widespread problem that you may wonder: Is there anywhere that doesn't have any foreclosures? We're glad you asked -- because, yes,... Continue Reading »

Foreclosures: Default Notices Down, Repossessions Up

While it's hard to say that 97,123 homeowners getting default notices in July is good news, the fact that this number is down 32 percent from its peak of 142,064 in April 2009 means that we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But the news is not all good, as bank repossessions continue to rise. Bank... Continue Reading »

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