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HOA Must Pay $65,000 After Banning Bedridden Teen's Ambulance

Flickr By Michelle Rindels LAS VEGAS -- Born with a brittle bone disorder, 19-year-old Las Vegas resident Eric Doyle has experienced more than 500 painful fractures in his lifetime and is so fragile that he spent virtually all of his teen years confined to a hospital bed at his home. All that changed last summer, when... Continue Reading »

HOA Says Woman Must Take Down Church Sign in Front Yard

We've tried to warn you time and time again: Just because you're the homeowner doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with your house. When you live under the bylaws of a homeowners association, you have to follow their rules as to what you can display on the exterior of your home and in your yard. That sometimes... Continue Reading »

Port Orange HOA Tells Residents Yard Statues Aren't Allowed

A grieving widow in Port Orange, Fla., has a statue of an angel in her front yard, a token of the happy years she spent with her husband before she lost him. But her neighborhood homeowners association says the statue violates community covenants, and if she doesn't remove it, she'll pay a fine, Orlando TV... Continue Reading »

Playboy Bunny Holly Madison: Hounding by HOA Over Doghouse Forcing Me to Sell Home

Former Playboy Bunny Holly Madison's bright pink doghouse has put her, well, in the doghouse with her current homeowners' association. Their relationship with the HOA has been so strained over the structure that Madison and her partner, Pasquale Rotella, say that they have decided to sell their Las Vegas home. The model... Continue Reading »

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