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How a Condo Can Be a Cost-Saver

Shutterstock By Scott Sheldon Condominiums make an affordable alternative to purchasing a single-family home. As prices continue to rise in many markets, purchasing a lower-priced condo makes for an attractive choice in pursuing homeownership. Important Lending Terms for Condo Buyers: Buying a condo is different than... Continue Reading »

Homeowners Associations in Crisis as 70% Are Underfunded

Doun Dounell/Flickr By Michelle Conlin For six years, Ingrid Boak, who travels a lot for work as a racehorse trainer, ignored mail from her homeowners association. Boak, of Lexington, Ky., says the letters were requests for $48 in annual fees for upkeep of the tidy neighborhood of one-story brick homes. Because she didn't... Continue Reading »

HOA Must Pay $65,000 After Banning Bedridden Teen's Ambulance

Flickr By Michelle Rindels LAS VEGAS -- Born with a brittle bone disorder, 19-year-old Las Vegas resident Eric Doyle has experienced more than 500 painful fractures in his lifetime and is so fragile that he spent virtually all of his teen years confined to a hospital bed at his home. All that changed last summer, when... Continue Reading »

HOA Dues: 8 Steps to Cutting the Costs

Shutterstock By Brendon DeSimone Whether you just bought a condo or have owned one for years, you've probably accepted the monthly homeowners association dues at face value. But there are reasons why you shouldn't. HOA dues are money out of your pocket. They can have a huge impact on your decision to buy, or not buy,... Continue Reading »

HOA Horrors and How Not to Fall Victim to Them

Getty Images By Leonard Baron When purchasing real estate, you might be one of the 25 percent of people who purchase a property in a common interest development, which is more commonly known as a homeowners association, or HOA. And while all properties have issues, HOAs have a unique set of additional operational,... Continue Reading »

HOA Says Woman Must Take Down Church Sign in Front Yard

We've tried to warn you time and time again: Just because you're the homeowner doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with your house. When you live under the bylaws of a homeowners association, you have to follow their rules as to what you can display on the exterior of your home and in your yard. That sometimes... Continue Reading »

Denver HOA Looks to Ban Sidewalk Chalk Art

Well, there goes hopscotch. Children in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver may soon lose a beloved summertime activity if the homeowners association there is successful in its attempt to ban sidewalk chalk art, Denver's CBS 4 reports. Citing complaints from neighbors, the HOA said the chalk art potentially offends,... Continue Reading »

Homeowners Association Could Be Sued in Trayvon Martin Case

SANFORD, Fla. -- If Trayvon Martin's family sues over his death, they might not target George Zimmerman but instead the homeowners association of the neighborhood where the shooting happened and Zimmerman lived. That's because if Zimmerman's claim that he shot the unarmed 17-year-old in self-defense is upheld by... Continue Reading »

Texas Family Wins Fight Against HOA to Keep Pet Kangaroo

We've covered HOA battles over statues and flags. Even playhouses for young children. But a baby kangaroo? Say it isn't so. Nick and Jeni Dreis of Spring, Texas, took home the 6-month-old red kangaroo as a vocational training animal for their 16-year-old daughter Kala, who has Down syndrome. Kala became fast friends... Continue Reading »

HOA 'Steals' Homeowner's Virgin Mary Statue

"Thou shalt not steal" is a shared societal principle that, by law, protects our private property, religious or otherwise, from being taken by others at will. That is, at least, until your private property becomes offensive to your local homeowners' association. An enraged family in Pittsburgh is accusing their... Continue Reading »

Tag This Scottish Castle as a Battle Zone in Graffiti Debate

Art indeed lives in the eye of the beholder, and as far as the Earl of Glasgow is concerned, the psychedelic mural that Brazilian street artists painted on the side of a 13th century Scottish castle is art and deserves to stay. The locals? Yeah, well, they apparently see things differently. In a unfolding drama that... Continue Reading »

HOAs Sue Banks Over Foreclosures

In a further indication of how far-reaching and deleterious the foreclosure crisis has become, homeowner groups have taken to suing banks in order to reclaim properties from delinquent homeowners, Bloomberg reports. Across the country -- and especially in states with high foreclosure rates, like Florida, California and... Continue Reading »

HOAs: What Homebuyers Need to Know

You may recall the story of Captain Michael Clauer and his wife, May. The couple, who live in Frisco, Texas, owned their $300,000 home free and clear. But when Michael, an Army reservist, was deployed to Iraq, his wife got into a funk and failed to pay their $800 homeowner association dues. Next thing you know, the... Continue Reading »

Homeowners Associations Get Nasty: Foreclose or Sue to Collect Dues

The story of Army Capt. Michael Clauer's family, whose Frisco, Texas home was sold out from under them after his wife failed to pay -- or sporadically paid -- their homeowners association dues, has opened the floodgates to reports about how brutal HOAs are becoming. The reports are especially troubling during a recession,... Continue Reading »

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