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Home Insurance: What's Covered, What Isn't

Looking to know more about home insurance in the wake of Hurricane Sandy? Republished here is one of AOL Real Estate's best guides to understanding a homeowners policy. Many homeowners are baffled by trying to figure out the maze that is home insurance. Take Stephanie and Eric Jones, who for 15 years paid too much... Continue Reading »

Home Insurance: 6 Discounts to Ask For

"When you buy a house for $500,000," says Realtor Tony Yollin, "paying a few thousand a year for home insurance doesn't seem like that big of a deal." Indeed, compared to the price of a home at the time of purchase, home insurance might not seem expensive. But if you know what home insurance discounts to ask for, you can... Continue Reading »

Home Insurance: Places With Lowest and Highest Rates -- and Why

Blair Hudson is an insurance underwriter in Dallas, Texas, who lives in a $400,000, 4,000-square-foot home. He pays $1,800 a year in homeowner's insurance. His twin brother lives outside of Chicago, Ill. in a $600,000 home half the size of Blair's, and pays $900 for virtually the same coverage. Blair knows why he pays more... Continue Reading »

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